The extreme sports company


ALT Agency are proud to announce our latest client: the EXTREME sports company.

EXTREME Sports Company was founded by successful UK entrepreneur Al Gosling; He set up the EXTREME sports channel which then expanded into hotels, experience days, energy drinks, fashion and electronics.

The team here at ALT Agency have been helping the guys at extreme sports company to move their websites to new hosting, fine tuning their existing HTML code and ensuring that their websites display correctly on all browsers and hand held devices.

To check out the EXTREME sports company website please visit

Update for 2017….
5 years later, it has been great fun working with EXTREME.

During our, to-date, 5 years with EXTREME, ALT Agency have worked as part of, and alongside, the EXTREME in-house team to deliver digital experience that position the EXTREME brand as the leading authority on EXTREME sports and the most importantly, helped to license the EXREME brand across Drinks, Hotels, Headphones, Mobile Phone Accessories.

During our time working with EXTREME with have seen EXTREME expand their roster of Athletes, which is now in the hundreds, and seen them put on more and more live events each year as well as forming an incredible joint venture with Black & Decker to get targeted products in front of the extreme sports enthusiasts.

EXTEME continues to go from strength to strength with the addition of numerous new members of staff.

During our time with EXTREME we have improved keyword rankings through SEO, efficiently managed PPC advertising, designed a beautiful new website & taken over web development for their numerous brand sites. We have also given them the ability to use a custom-built content management system to update and maintain their network of brand websites with complete ease.

EXTREME continues to grow strength to strength and all the guys here at ALT Agency are very proud to of be a part of the EXTREME journey and see a true global brand be executed by a true international visionary in Al Gosling.

With EXTREME being the global leader in extreme sports in 2019 we continue to working with EXTREME on a number of their other related products that their brand branches out into.

Offering our website development service to EXTREME we are proud to still be working with EXTREME in 2019 and to still be the team of Birmingham developers for EXTREME.