7 web design phrases you must know

7 web design terms you must know! Working with a web design agency for the first time can be a little daunting, especially if they start speaking in tech terms and you aren’t up to speed on what they mean. If you don’t know your responsive websites from your plugins then this article is for […]

how to improve your conversion rates

How to improve your website conversion rates To improve your website conversion rates can be tricky business, there is no magic wand and no overnight fix – no matter what your local “expert” tells you. A conversion rate in simple terms is how many people that visit your website take a desired action – whether […]

website membership retention rates

Website member retention can be one of the trickiest parts of your business, if your website relies on a membership subscription – for example if you are a Gym or run an info marketing business that requires people to subscribe to access content – then retaining those paying customers, after you have already paid to […]

ebay analyses facial expressions

EBay analyses facial expressions! According to reports EBay is using “emotional recognition technology” to help you decide what you want for Christmas…. The online market place opened a pop up store in London earlier this week which included a private booth, headphones, a screen and a camera. In the booth a series of sensors track […]

how to choose a web design agency in birmingham

How to choose a web design agency Choosing the right web design agency can be a difficult and daunting task, particularly if you have been asked to do it by your boss or you feel as though you don’t know about the “complex” ways of the web and web development. This short guide has been […]


ALT are proud to of offered our Web Design & Conversion Rate Optimisation services to Software company I-nexus. I-Nexus found ALT after a quick google search highlighting companies offering Web Design Birmingham. Proving SEO is still a great Return On Investment! Once approached by I-nexus we quickly understood that I-Nexus deal with some of the […]

under performing website

Under performing website? Here’s why your website is under performing Today I’m going to cover why most websites fail to deliver on their promise and why the amount you spend on your website does not necessarily affect your websites performance. Your websites performance is not dictated by the amount you spend on it! This may […] strengthens relationship with ALT

The UK’s leading Formula 1 resource, is set to further strengthen its ties with ALT and redevelop their website once the current Formula 1 season comes to a conclusion this Sunday at Abu Dhabi. The team at have been using the website to not only deliver all of the latest Formula 1 news, […]

google amp to change SEO?

Could Accelerated Mobiles Pages (AMP) change the way we do SEO forever? AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page and it is some new technology headed by Google that requires your website code to be marked-up, be more light weight and, according to Google, is a step in a direction that will make search and finding […]

SEO in Birmingham

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO in Birmingham) is often one of the horror stories we here about on an almost weekly basis. Time and time again we hear from prospects who have burned their marketing budget on SEO for little to no return and if that wasn’t enough, it quite often turns out that their SEO […]

Use Online Sales Psychology to Optimise your Conversions

Having run thousands of test and designed websites for some of the UK’s top brands, Let us turn your website into a conversion machine generating you profits.

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