In my last blog I spoke about getting free advertising by using social media to the maximum, if you haven’t read it be sure to… it’s a gold mine if you want people sharing and discussing your product with little effort on your part. In this final part of my ecommerce crash course, which I […]

In my previous articles I have shown you some pretty shocking ecommerce behaviours, How to write descriptions that sell, How to use powerful images to maximise conversions and also how video is taking the ecommerce world by storm, Now I’m going to share with you a tactic to get FREE ADVERTISING using social media, to […]

Previously covered in this series was Use a POWERFUL product image and Writing descriptions that sell, this next part is all about using videos to further maximise those conversions. Video can be easily integrated into any website and compliment the use of powerful product images with ease. Statistics show that 52% of online buyers feel […]

If you read my previous article “Ecommerce Crash Course #2 – Use a POWERFUL product image” then you will know how using highly desirable images is a proven way to boost your online sales. If you are serious about improving your sales then since reading the above article you would of replaced all of the […]

During my last post “Shocking Ecommerce behaviours” one of the shocking issues raised was the importance of product images. When you are using words, you can only convey so much and as that old saying goes “a picture paints a thousand words”.  Apple is a company who use images that sell their products to the […]

We’re looking to hire a driven sales & marketing executive who can help bring new business to Alt Web Design Ltd. You role would be to help in the execution of our marketing plan, find and attract new customers who are looking to have a new website created or their existing website re-vamped and then […]

I’ve recently come across a report which listed some shocking behaviours that your customers perform whilst browsing your ecommerce website. These important finds were carried out on over half a million ecommerce shoppers and the findings are incredibly shocking. 1. Product sizes, colours and quantity confuses your visitor and increase the chanes of a lost […]

With the ever changing Google changes, comes another! I previously told you about the changes to exact match domains and changes to content “above the fold”. Now Google has announced a new tool in its war against spam: The “disavow” tool. The new tool is aimed at those who receive a warning from Google that […]

Google’s last update was a change to exact match domains, this time it’s an update which affects sites with too many adverts and not enough content “above the fold” Above the fold is a term used by web guys that refers to a web pages content that is visible on the screen without scrolling. Google […]

Google has announced that it will stop giving an advantage to exact match domains. An example being if you are a web designer in the west midlands and have the domain you will no longer experience the kind of strong search results you once enjoyed. Google’s exact announcement is that they will be “turning […]

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