the benefits of php development

The Benefits of PHP Development As a PHP Developer (something I have been for the last 16 years) it’s easy for me to advise clients down the route of developing their websites in PHP… often I get asked what PHP is and why we use it. So I thought I’d put together this short bog […]

common php mistakes to avoid

Common PHP mistakes to avoid Just a quick bite size piece outlining common PHP mistakes that you need to avoid! There are a ton of mistakes PHP coders generally make, whether due to lack of experience, time or just being plain lazy, from not securing code to hiding errors, here’s the top 3 common php […]

wordpress website development birmingham

An introduction to WordPress Website Development WordPress development has grew year on year, from initially starting life as a small blogging aid, WordPress has led the way and grew to be the Web Developers number 1 choice when it comes to Content Management Systems WordPress allows anyone, no matter technical ability or experience to be […]

Use Online Sales Psychology to Optimise your Conversions

Having run thousands of test and designed websites for some of the UK’s top brands, Let us turn your website into a conversion machine generating you profits.

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