clock Sep 08,2020

Two very common programming languages, PHP and JavaScript, but do you know the difference and how do you decide which one to use where? Read on to find out everything you need to know.

clock Aug 05,2019

Everything you need to know about getting started with website development, starting with the basics, learn all about frameworks and little hacks that will progress you on your web development path.

clock Jun 24,2019

Check out how website development has evolved over the years – This handy timeline highlights all the key points in the history of web development.

clock Jun 18,2019

Website development brings your website to life and really poor website development can destroy a great designed website. Read on to discover 7 website development pitfalls and learn how you can avoid them.

clock Sep 26,2018

Paris fashion week is here. Read on to discover how wearable tech is making its way into fashion and changing the way fashion and technology connect.

clock Jun 29,2018

So, you’ve decided that your company needs a new website, something more user friendly, works across mobile devices and is easy for you to maintain with minimal fuss but you’re not sure how much it will cost or even worse you want to pay as little as possible. So, you jump onto google and type …

clock Apr 27,2018

There are lots of ways that your website can be improved and lots of tiny website design tweaks that you can make that add up to big gains. Let’s start with the basics and the platforms available for your website to be developed on. Websites are commonly developed in PHP, although ASP/.NET is al alternative …

clock Mar 15,2018

It’s not only bloggers that use WordPress so don’t be fooled; many web developers now use WordPress so if you are not, you could be missing out on something. Because WordPress allows web sites to be built simply with ease of use for viewers and looking attractive but without the need for web developers to …

brexit-birmingham-web-design clock Dec 20,2016

What impact, so far, has Brexit had upon the Web Design industry and the Birmingham market? Has Brexit influenced the Web Design market yet? Or is it still yet to be felt? Web Design, Birmingham and Brexit At first the Brexit vote brought a lot of uncertainty, almost immediately after the vote we noticed a …