clock Dec 04,2020

WordPress powers over 60% of the web. Read on to learn why WordPress developers and designers use it as their chosen Content Management System.

clock Nov 27,2020

There are a number of ways to set up a WordPress website. These are some of the best WordPress visual editor plugins to help maintaining your WordPress website a breeze.

clock Aug 28,2020

Come and learn how to back up your WordPress website safely and securely, Step by step instructions detail how to use a plugin to back up your WordPress website quickly.

clock Aug 10,2020

The best decisions (and blog content) are backed up by numbers. One of the best ways to create usable data is to gather opinions via online surveys and polls. Online surveys enable you to collect and analyze user (or target user) data and transform it into actionable insights. The better your data, the more you …

clock Sep 17,2019

A detailed step by step guide on hot to install a WordPress theme. From choosing the right theme all the way to installing and basic set up of premium themes.

clock Oct 12,2018

WordPress is often described by many as a vulnerable Content Management System – But is it really that bad? Read on to discover how you can secure your WordPress website.

clock May 04,2018

No matter what type of business or website you have, it is essential that you keep your website up-to-date and optimised. One way of doing this easily is by making use of the great WordPress Plugins that are always out there, ready for you to pick up. What is a WordPress Plugin? Plugins are small …

clock Mar 15,2018

It’s not only bloggers that use WordPress so don’t be fooled; many web developers now use WordPress so if you are not, you could be missing out on something. Because WordPress allows web sites to be built simply with ease of use for viewers and looking attractive but without the need for web developers to …

i-nexus-client-profile clock Nov 29,2016

ALT Agency are proud to of offered our Web Design & Conversion Rate Optimisation services to Software company I-nexus. I-Nexus found ALT after a quick google search highlighting companies offering Web Design Birmingham. Proving SEO is still a great Return On Investment! Once approached by I-nexus we quickly understood that I-Nexus deal with some of …