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Just like your home address, your websites also need an address. These addresses are called ‘web domains’. These web domains provide an identity to your website which can be viewed worldwide. There are several implications for having a good web domain. Alt Agency in Birmingham presents some top tips on choosing the right domain for your website.

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Domain name

First of all, it is important to have a domain name which is easy to remember and to the point. Avoid having an overly simple or too general web domain. Web domains can also increase your SEO ranks. You can also try and consider having target words in your domain, having a locality with your domain or your company name. This will help you climb on search engines. This will also help others find you easily. Hence, the key is to keep it to the point and simple.

Check Availability

Check for the availability of the domain you are after. There are plenty of websites available where you would be able to check for the availability of the domain name.  Make a list of possible domains for your website as the one you are after may not be available. The website where you check for the availability of your domain name, may also suggest you a few options to go. Carefully analyse which one you need as it needs to be the one that should reflect your or your business identity.

Get the right top level domain

Getting the top-level domain is as crucial as getting the domain name right. The top level domain can reflect the nature of your business or your location. For instance; a ‘.com’ domain may refer to a more global, international business. Other generic domains can be represented by having a ‘.net’, or ‘.org’ domain for an organisation or a non-profit organisation. On the other hand, a ‘’ domain represents a U.K-based business or a ‘.ca’ based in Canada. An ‘.edu’ domain represents an educational institute. Hence, it can be understood that top-level domains carry as much meaning as the domain name itself. In a way, top-level domains, act as pointers. Your target audience should be able to understand the nature and the kind of business, by seeing the domain name and without having to visit your website.


At Alt Agency, we offer our clients with a unique web development and designing package. We offer not only create unique designing solutions but also help our clients with choosing the right domains for their website. Alt Agency provides free web domain registration to our valuable clients with a web design and development package.  Our specialist advisors based in Birmingham leave no stone unturned in getting the right domain name for your website. We also provide you with a number of suggestions based on the nature of your business and brand identity and register the most-suited web domain for you absolutely free.  This in turn saves you from the hassle of having to choose the web domain and saves you from spending time to compare different web domain packages on the internet. Alt Agency takes care of your web domain at no cost at all. Please call us or email us to discuss our web design package with a free web domain of your choice.

To find out more and claim your Free Domain name, Call us on 0121 663 0202 or contact us by clicking here.

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