Hamburgers & Ecommerce Web Design Trends for 2015

2015 is upon us already and it’s time to not only get up to speed, but also get a head start on the web design trends set to explode in 2015.

#1 Hidden Navigation / “Hamburger” Icon

Used on nearly all Google websites, the “hamburger” icon first began to be seen on mobile websites but has started to quickly move over to desktop websites. The hidden menus are allowing tendy web designers to use bigger imagery without running out of space and ruining the look of the website with what is set to become an old fashioned style of menu.

hamburger navigation

hamburger navigation



#2 Large Imagery

As technology improves and responsive capabilities improve it is now possible to use large images across all devices and importantly, load the images quickly. It is coming now to see homepages using big imagery – However don’t be surprised to see product images increase in size as well as shown in the example below.

large ecommerce website product image trend for 2015

large ecommerce website product image trend for 2015



#3 Video Backgrounds

Video has been used to sell products and benefit marketers for a number of years, however 2015 is set to see an explosion in video usage. Expect to see websites use video as homepage background images just like PayPal have done.

ecommerce website video background trend for 2015

ecommerce website video background trend for 2015


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