The below article focuses upon the impact our client space4 made when entering their market. Sophie Lee, our client and founder of space4 took her unique idea to market and gained immediate success and media praise for her unique idea.

The idea of space 4 was to help Australian single parents reduce the cost of living by finding a flat share with other single parents. With the difficulty’s many single parents were facing at the time the website came at the perfect time.

It was difficult for single parents to afford a house on their own, it was difficult for single parents to find somebody they could trust to share their house with, the newly designed website met both of these needs and received 100% positive praise from all media outlets.

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2017 update

Space4 went onto reach dizzy heights.

Not only taking Australia by storm, the idea was rolled out across the U.K and other countries within Europe.

Pioneered by Sophie Lee – Who has since exited the business – Space4 has gone on to give single parents the opportunity to room share, safely and affordably.