Improving your off site / external search engine optimisation (SEO) can be done in a number of ways. Increase your number of incoming links / back links: Incoming links / backlinks are simply links from another website that link back to your website. A backlink will consist of 2 things: The anchor text and inbound […]

This article will explain how you can improve your on-site search engine optimisation (SEO) and give you the best possible chance of achieving the best possible search engine results. Use your Meta tags: Meta tags are at the top of every html document, they are read by search engines and consists of a Title, Description […]

Your search engine optimisation (SEO) rankings are affected by something called an algorithm. Each search engine, e.g. Google, Yahoo! Or Bing each have slightly different algorithms, so getting high rankings across all major search engines is a fine balancing act. Each algorithm is top secret and the exact formula not known, which makes optimising your […]

If your webpages aren’t being indexed / included in Google search results it is not a reason to panic. Firstly Google say that they index and crawl billions of websites. BILLIONS. Google also say that they do not guarantee that they crawl a whole website and it is perfectly normal to not have all of […]

Alt web design Ltd offer a complete satisfaction guarantee, this helps protect and reassure you, you are always getting a high quality of work and we will not stop improving until you are satisfied. Most web design companies offer no guarantees to back up their work at all at Alt web design we are proud […]

Ben way is a very valued client of Alt Web Design UK and one that I have hoped to work with for a very long time. Ben went on to raise 25 million pound in his teens and became one of the first ‘dot com’ millionaires. Ben has been an adviser to the white house […]

A false search result, simply put, is when you search for your own website in Google and get an incorrect result. I started receiving false Google search results a few months back and was left scratching my head asking myself ‘Why is my website at the top of Google for all my keywords?”. Now this […]

To find out the exact price a website will cost you ring us on 0121 663 0202 Website costs can range from as a little as £15 right up to the other end of the scale costing tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds… it’s like asking someone what a car will cost, it’s […]

The below article focuses upon the impact our client space4 made when entering their market. Sophie Lee, our client and founder of space4 took her unique idea to market and gained immediate success and media praise for her unique idea. The idea of space 4 was to help Australian single parents reduce the cost of […]

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and simply explained is the process of ensuring your website is optimised to rank well in search engines. How is a website optimised? A website can be optimised for search engines in a number of ways. Google has an ‘algorithm’ or criteria which is uses to organise the search […]

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