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under-performing-website blog date Nov 28,2016

Under performing website? Here’s why your website is under performing Today I’m going to cover why most websites fail to deliver on their promise and why the amount you spend on your website does not necessarily affect your websites performance. Your websites performance is not dictated by the amount you spend on it! This may …

f1couk-strengthens-ties-with-alt blog date Nov 25,2016

The UK’s leading Formula 1 resource, is set to further strengthen its ties with ALT Agency and redevelop their website once the current Formula 1 season comes to a conclusion this Sunday at Abu Dhabi. The team at have been using the website to not only deliver all of the latest Formula 1 …

google-amp blog date Nov 25,2016

Could Accelerated Mobiles Pages (AMP) change the way we do SEO forever? AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Page and it is some new technology headed by Google that requires your website code to be marked-up, be more light weight and, according to Google, is a step in a direction that will make search and finding …

seo-in-birmingham blog date Nov 24,2016

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is often one of the horror stories we here about on an almost weekly basis. Time and time again we hear from prospects who have burned their marketing budget on SEO for little to no return and if that wasn’t enough, it quite often turns out that their SEO provider has …

https blog date Nov 22,2016

HTTPS is the method by which your website is secured by a level of encryption to prevent sensitive data being compromised by hackers. There are many benefits of HTTPS not just encryption, HTTPS also helps to validate that you are on the correct website and not being “phished”, it also ensures data integrity and that …

digital-marketing-agency blog date Nov 22,2016

What is a Digital Agency? A Digital Agency is a type of business that specialises in the delivery of creative and technical internet based products. With services ranging from web design, to website development and Online Marketing, a specialist digital agency can not only create and maintain your website but help your business grow through …

2017-digital-marketing-trends blog date Nov 21,2016

Expert Opinion: 2017 Digital Marketing Trends 2016 has seen some incredible Digital Marketing Trends, from Augmented Reality to live video streaming. Below are my personal thoughts and insights into the expected rise in 2017 Digital Marketing Trends. An increase in Augmented Reality – Pokémon Go saw augmented reality really find its place in modern day …

the-benefits-of-php-development blog date Nov 18,2016

The Benefits of PHP Development As a leading website development company in Birmingham (something ALT Agency have been for the last 18 years) it’s easy for us to advise clients down the route of developing their websites in PHP… often we get asked what PHP is and why we use it. So I thought I’d …

common-php-mistakes-to-avoid blog date Nov 17,2016

Common PHP mistakes to avoid Just a quick bite size piece outlining common PHP mistakes that you need to avoid! There are a ton of mistakes PHP coders generally make, whether due to lack of experience, time or just being plain lazy, from not securing code to hiding errors, here’s the top 3 common php …

There are two important considerations when looking for a designer, work quality and reliability. ALT Agency offer both in spades.
We were looking for a designer to redesign and polish our back end system, time was an issue as we had multiple launch deadlines and so we needed someone to make our existing layout really sing at an affordable price, ALT Agency delivered. The next time we need any design work, ALT Agency will be at the top of our list.




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