Looking for a west midlands web design agency? Then look no further! ALT are specialists in website design, development, programing and online marketing. Some of the things ALT do are: Creating high converting websites that turn your visitors into paying customers Analyse why under-performing websites don’t work and make them work correctly! Online marketing such […]

Google Penguin has hit with many websites taking a hit to their search engine rankings, with some saying more is yet to come, but what does this mean for you and how do you recover from it? Quite simply put it means more penalties on those who have been performing poor SEO on their websites. […]

What should one include on their websites to make them stand out from the crowd will be discussed quite conventionally here. In essence some aspects of your business model relevant to your end user/client needs’ to be implicated into the content and visual aspects of your Website design. These are as follows.   1. Your […]

There are several psychological techniques one can use within their website content which will influence the end user to buy. These techniques are called the psychology of persuasion and many Successful online businesses use them. Let’s discuss three popular psychology techniques here: 1. Authority: The majority of folk will follow and listen to individuals whom […]

According to www.bussinessinsider.com over 1.3 billion smartphones are being used in 2014 to search the internet. Too add to these statistics over 70% of mobile phone users are actively searching for products and services within their local area and are purchasing these direct from their mobile devices.   What do these statistics mean for your […]

Here we will mention at least five online marketing strategies that will surely get you ranked very highly on Google. Remember being on the first page is crucial. That’s where it counts. I mean it’s quite self-explanatory isn’t it. Google are only going to rank you highly if they find there is a high correlation […]

Can your website design company provide you with something more than just a website, give you that little bit extra which will help you leverage on your web presence. Because what’s the point having a website when no one can find you? Thus, think about it. I’m looking for a bespoke luxury furniture brand for […]

It has been 25 years today since the World Wide Web was born. I still remember locking myself away in my bedroom 12-13 years ago and designing my first ever wrestling fan website using Geocities and Angelfire. The web has changed a lot since then and become an integrated part of everyday life, here’s a […]

To claim your free webhosting call us on 0121 663 0202 or email hello@altagency.co.uk Web Hosting refers to services that provide space for users to store their website on a server. This server space is referred to as Web Hosting. Web hosting service works by storing your website files on web servers which are connected […]

A recent study by google has analysed the behaviour and trends of over 15,000 shoppers during a 6 month period, leaving marketers with a new approach and thinking to online buying. The findings report that: 33% of sales happen 30 days after the customer began their research 70% of customers use search engines Buyers who […]

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