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What is Coach Hire Plus?
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Coach Hire Plus is set out to revolutionise the coach hire industry and in particular the way we book and hire coaches.

Meeting with director Shahad Ahmed we listed to the requirements and vision & plans to grow the company into the future – And what we understood was a huge shake-up of the industry is on the way!

The task here was to create an interim website design whilst a custom booking system is created.

We were tasked with designing the new homepage, making the search function simpler, making booking return journeys simpler and creating landing pages for the different events and areas that the business will be targeting.

One of our favourite ever and most fun pages was created here with Coach Hire Plus on the loading screen after you request a booking. The little animated coach driving across the world through the clouds is very very simple, yet effective and one of our favourite things of 2018.

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Great working with ALT – efficient and flexible. Thank you!

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