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One for the fitness fanatics, this cycling app allows users to track their cycling journeys, define routes and revisit past journeys.
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When it came to the re-design of this mobile app, functionality and user experience were the buzzwords.

With a keen cyclist on the team here at ALT Agency it was very easy to see how this add would work and for us to add our input to make the app as user-friendly and functional as possible.

The app had a very simple focus: Allow cyclists to track their journeys, look at the app whilst on a journey, view past journeys and plan journeys ahead of time.

What became clear was that during their journey the app needed to be as simple as possible and not distract the user from what they should be doing – Focusing on the road and environment around them.

To achieve this we used a very simple screen when on a journey that allows the cyclist to see a little beacon that shows where they are on a map and to view the path that they have travelled in that journey.

Some other simple functionality was added when in journey such as the ability to pause as research showed that some cyclists wanted to pause or stop off on their journey, so the ability to pause your journey time was also added into this simple interface.

By keep this core focus the app is focused, less distracting and allows the cyclist to focus on what they love doing best, enjoying the great cycling tracks that nature offers.

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