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I-Nexus approached us to work our Conversion Rate Optimisation magic and set us with the task of doubling their conversion rate – A challenge that we just had to jump at.
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To achieve this, we started with the very basics and assessed how their website currently performs and looked for opportunities there before even thinking about colouring a pixel or writing a single line of code.

What made this project extra exciting was the fact that I-Nexus wanted to start a fresh and re-design their website from the ground up and put it on a new WordPress platform that makes it super easy to update by their in-house team.

To increase their website conversions, we applied a number of Online Sales Psychology principles which when paired with our on-going search engine optimisation package delivers incredible results.

By creating and developing an online community this has helped Coventry based I-Nexus become a thought leader in the strategy software execution software market.

The I-Nexus stratex hub continues to come from strength to strength and is now consider one of, If not the, leading online resource for expert opinions on strategy execution.

With hundreds of members, development of the stratex hub continues to this day with new functionality being added all of the time as well as the stratex hub being spun off as its own standalone website – A testament to the robust community and engagement of the I-Nexus platform.

The conversion rate for this website more than doubled, targeted traffic to the website increased, thanks to our SEO service, and I-Nexus now rank on average position #1 for their chosen keywords.

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Have been working with ALT Agency for nearly 2 years. They have exceeded our expectations, very efficient and knowledgeable in web dev/design and SEO, helped us turn our lead gen website around!

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