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Rise And Fall

Darren and Stewart Andrews approached us to help them create their new online game, Rise And Fall.

Rise And Fall is a fantasy stock-market inspired game where people can purchase “shares” in horses. Depending on how well the horses run in races, the share price of each horse then rises or falls accordingly.

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As this game is web-based, an intuitive and functional website was essential. We designed a brand-focused site with all of the key principles of good user experience to make the game as easy to understand and enjoyable to play as possible.

Rise And Fall also involved the development of a complicated back-end system which is the engine of the game itself. We worked closely with Darren and Stewart to incorporate all of the required functionality which is then fed into a front-end game interface for users to enjoy.

To this day, we continue to work with the Rise And Fall team to develop their game and assist with the growth of their business.

Rise & Fall - Stock Market Game
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