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Client Profile: Silver Dog Charms

Silver Dog Charms – a seller of high-end solid silver dog charms for a range of breeds – asked us to help them with their pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign. They not only wanted more sales from their campaign, but they also wanted to spend less per click to ensure that they were getting more sales out of their marketing expenditure.
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To achieve this, we analysed their existing Google PPC campaign to come up with a number of powerful improvements. Firstly, adverts were narrowed down into more niche audiences to ensure that potential customers were reaching the exact products they were looking for. General adverts captured visitors who were looking for general silver dog charms to browse, whilst more tightly focused adverts took visitors to specific breeds of dog charm based on the keywords they were searching for.

We also utilised ad extensions to make the adverts more attention-grabbing whilst giving the visitor the opportunity to see other breeds available before the click was even made.

Finally, we scrutinised their keywords and click bids to remove underperforming keywords, reduce costly keywords, tweak bids, run split-tests to find more effective adverts and also introduce new ads which would bring up the sales of their less popular breeds.

Running this type of split test allowed us to make sound decisions based on the data at hand. The old rule that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your products was certainly the case here and by working out what those 20% were, we were able to focus on the best selling products and increase overall sales.

As a result, Silver Dog Charms saw a 300% increase in PPC traffic. This not only involves more visitors, but also higher quality visitors who are more likely to buy the products on offer. These improvements have caused a general boom in sales whilst also increasing sales of previously poor selling products.

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