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    As the top ranked SEO agency in Birmingham, we have a track record of page 1 Google results. This is based on our repeatedly proven model, used on many sites before, that gets our clients ranking at the top of Google – even for highly competitive keywords.

    On-site SEO

    Rank-worthy content that users will enjoy. Technical optimisation of meta elements, page speed and link structure. It’s about doing what Google loves to see.

    Content creation

    Authoritative content is a key part of the Google E-E-A-T indicator. We’ll research your industry, suggest content subjects and write the content for you.


    Traffic alone isn’t always enough. Our SEO services will keep conversions in mind to help extract more sales from your new Google traffic. It’s the ROI that counts, after all.

    SEO agency in Birmingham
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    strategy guide

    Download our free strategy guide to help improve your website rankings. You’ll be introduced to our team of SEO experts here in Birmingham, and the exact process we use to rank ourselves and our clients in the top search engine positions.

    Have you noticed we’re also rank as the first agency for the term Web design Birmingham? In this guide, we’ll walk you through exactly how we did it with some key tips you can follow too.


    Would you like a free search engine optimisation audit?

    We’ll review your site for free, give you tailored suggestions to rank better, and provide a fixed fee if you want us to make it happen.


    Costs vary depending on you the search volume of keywords you are trying to target and their difficulty. Understandably, the more competitive your market and keywords are, the more work we’ll need to do!

    During the exploration phase of your SEO campaign, we’ll work with you to identify the best set of keywords for your business. You may have some of your own you want to target already but, with further research, we can also include long-tail keywords that are less competitive while still driving some traffic to give you a further boost.

    We’ll then prepare a fixed price, so you know exactly how much it’ll cost every month before you decide.

    The time it takes to start ranking once the service begins can vary a lot. It’s largely dependent on the strength of your starting point.

    If you have an existing website with strong SEO metrics already, then you could expect to see progress within 3 months.

    If you have a brand new website with no SEO history, then it can take around 6 months to start seeing decent results.

    During our initial assessment, we can usually give you a better idea of how long results are likely to take.

    When working with ALT Agency for your SEO, we aim to make the process as simple and hands-off as possible.

    After the initial site audit, we’ll work with you to decide on keywords and targets, along with a decision on the speed and scale of the work to suit your budget.

    After that, you can largely leave the rest to us. For on-site changes, we can relay instructions to your own developer if you have one, or our in-house web development team can implement everything directly as part of our service. We’ll also take care of all off-site SEO and keep you updated with monthly reports that we’re happy to discuss at any time.

    Each month, you will have a report from our Project Manager. The report will show graphs of your keywords and their search engine ranking positions over time, along with a written report detailing progress, including what we’ve done that month and what we plan to do the following month. Any questions at any point, just ask.

    Absolutely. We can communicate via phone and email as needed, but if you need SEO in Birmingham, you can visit our offices in Brindley place, or we can come to you.

    We sure do, with a 5 star rating on Google from our wonderful clients.

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    Download our free SEO guide that not only introduces you to our team of SEO experts who will get your website ranking but also outlines the exact process we use to rank ourselves for the highly competitive term “Web Design Birmingham” and will use to get your website ranking at the top of Google within 3-6 months.