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We don’t expect you to choose ALT Agency without getting to know us a bit first, so here’s our vision, our history and the team who could be working for you.

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Beautiful websites and marketing campaigns which give you the best possible return on your investment – it’s as simple as that.

To us, website design is an art form, but it must also work to bring in long-term sales and pay you back with heaps of profit.

We’ve all seen it before: websites which end up like a piece of art at the expense of functionality which is key to attracting sales like a magnet. Our vision focuses on both of these to create an aesthetically stunning website which boosts business and unlocks all that tasty income.

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ALT Agency History HISTORY

ALT Agency, a website design and marketing agency, was founded in 2006 by Craig Murphy right here in Birmingham, UK. Craig’s focus was to create a digital agency which delivers all-in-one profit boosting solutions to large businesses which expect high-end results.

Since then, we’ve worked closely with hundreds of companies in a close partnership to not only craft together their online presence, but also to keep these websites and marketing campaigns churning out sales long-term.


ALT Agency consists of a leading UK team of hand-picked specialists who have a proven track record of impressive results. Each and every one of us is focused on the same mission of delivering successful websites and marketing campaigns which meet deadlines, meet budgets and meet expectations first time.

Elliot - Web Developer
Head Developer
Adrian - Web Designer
Web Designer
Craig Murphy - Managing Director
Managing Director
Matt - Digital Marketing
PPC Expert
Al Gosling
Board Advisor