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We don’t expect you to choose ALT Agency without getting to know us a bit first, so here’s our vision, our history and the team who could be working for you.

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Beautiful websites and marketing campaigns which give you the best possible return on your investment – it’s as simple as that.

To us, website design is an art form, but it must also work to bring in long-term sales and pay you back with heaps of profit.

We’ve all seen it before: websites which end up like a piece of art at the expense of functionality which is key to attracting sales like a magnet. Our vision focuses on both of these to create an aesthetically stunning website which boosts business and unlocks all that tasty income.

That’s why when working with Craig and the team at ALT Agency we strive to deliver your website design project on-time and on-budget, No ifs and no buts.

Digital Projects Delivered.

ALT Agency History

ALT Agency, a website design and marketing agency, was founded in 2006 by Craig Murphy right here in Birmingham, UK. Craig’s focus was to create a digital agency which delivers all-in-one profit boosting solutions to large businesses which expect high-end results.

Since then, we’ve worked closely with hundreds of companies in a close partnership to not only craft together their online presence, but also to keep these websites and marketing campaigns churning out sales long-term.

Our mission is simple: Digital Projects Delivered.

We believe that a website should be an asset for you and after hearing of so many poor experiences and tales of woe we decided to make it very simple for our prospective and existing clients: To deliver your web design project on-time and on budget.

MEET OUR Team of Experts

Driven by conversions and fully focused on your websites objective, creative, deep thinking and strategic planners, this is our team who are dedicated to planning, creating, optimising and driving targeted traffic to your website.

Craig Murphy - ALT Agency founder

Managing Director

Craig has over 20 years’ experience with website design and development and started ALT Agency 14 years ago. Craig would work on your project from a top level and ensures that your project stays on track, deadlines are met and that you get your end of week progress report.

John Byfield - Non-Exec Director

Non-Exec Director

John qualified as a solicitor and founded his own law practice. He specialised in commercial and sports law for over 20 years and worked extensively in F1. He then created his own global sports business which he subsequently listed in the London Stock Exchange.

Rehan Khan - Sr. Project Manager
Rehan Khan

Sr. Project Manager

Rehan has over 20 years’ experience in project management and would be your point of contact throughout your project. Rehan would work with you to draw up a detailed project scope and then translate that to our designer Mylos and developer Elliot so that the design & development work of your project could get underway.

Anirudh - Project Manager

Project Manager

Joining ALT Agency in 2023 to strengthen the project management team, Anirudh brings with him not only 20 years project management experience but also development experience. Anirudh is on board to ensure your project is on track, delivered on time and to budget.

Mylos - Web designer

Web Designer

Mylos is our designer, with over 18 years experience designing for web, mobile & print, Mylos knows how to create a website that not only looks beautiful and on-trend but also has a well thought out user journey with incredible user experience elements. Mylos originally trained as an architect and has translated that clean, straight line, spacious thinking to the web.

Matt - Digital Marketing

Head Developer

Elliot joined ALT Agency back in 2012 after learning web development. Heavily self-taught, Elliot is the brains behind the complex solutions to user friendly functionality on the websites that we create at ALT Agency. Elliot has a can-do attitude and is yet to be defeated by any complex coding requests.


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