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UK white label agency or outsource overseas? blog date Jun 16,2021

WordPress is the most prominent content management system globally, used for everything from personal blogs to the most visited sites on the internet. There currently are 55,142 WordPress plugins and more than 31,000 WordPress themes available, so it’s no wonder why WordPress is the number one choice for running a blog. With such statistics, it’s …

The hottest web design trends for 2021 blog date Jun 04,2021

From gaussian blur backgrounds to the return of retro fonts, right through to neumorphism. Here’s our guide to the hottest web design trends of 2021.

The joys of onboarding a white label development agency partner blog date May 27,2021

Thinking of working with a white label web design agency? Had a poor experience before or not sure where to start? Read this handy step-by-step guide.

5 Best WordPress plugins for your ecommerce website blog date May 11,2021

Looking to get more sales and traction from your ecommerce website? Try these 5 handy WordPress plugins to help you boost your online sales and conversions.

Involved in the financial services market? Survive the pandemic by using digital marketing blog date Apr 27,2021

All businesses are being badly affected by the pandemic and the financial services market is no different. The term ‘business as usual’ has not been appropriate since the beginning of 2020. To survive, the industry needs to become much more digital savvy, using new ways of marketing to attract new customers whilst improving relationships with …

financial-service-website-branding blog date Apr 20,2021

Many people associate the financial service industry with bland and boring websites. They don’t get excited about all things financial and don’t expect the website to be anything other than functional. But just because compliance is necessary, this doesn’t mean that creativity should be lacking. With so many guidelines to adhere to, the industry also …

A 50 point guide to WordPress website maintenance blog date Apr 15,2021

FIFTY ways to keep your WordPress website maintained and in tip-top health. Keep the hackers away and your WordPress page speed like greased lightning.

How Coca Cola and Pepsi think out of the can when it comes to digital blog date Mar 29,2021

The rivalry between two of the world’s most well-known brands is possibly unrivalled in the world today. If you haven’t seen the documentary called the Cola Wars, please do, as it helps set the foundations for the battle now raging in the digital space. The twists and turns of this battle had many pivotal moments …

WooCommerce SEO Made Easy – A Step-by-Step Guide to ranking high in search engines blog date Mar 19,2021

Do you want to improve your WooCommerce SEO but not sure how to get started? Search engine optimisation (SEO) for your eCommerce store is the equivalent of having someone standing on every street corner in the real world, spinning signs with your store’s name and direction. If you have not optimised your WooCommerce store for …

There are two important considerations when looking for a designer, work quality and reliability. ALT Agency offer both in spades.
We were looking for a designer to redesign and polish our back end system, time was an issue as we had multiple launch deadlines and so we needed someone to make our existing layout really sing at an affordable price, ALT Agency delivered. The next time we need any design work, ALT Agency will be at the top of our list.




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