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Ecommerce Website Design Services

Convert your website visitors into paying customers.

As part of our service offerings we’re able to provide eCommerce web design support, whatever your project goals.

Regardless of whether you have an existing eCommerce website or you are looking to design a new eCommerce website from scratch, our team of Birmingham based eCommerce web design specialists are well-versed with systems such as Shopify and Woocommerce. We’re well equipped to help your business design an eCommerce store that meets the needs of your audience and generates you a measurable return on investment (ROI).

A well designed eCommerce website will:

  • Increase brand awareness

    Using the principles of Online Sales Psychology your website will be geared to generate sales and your business ROI.

  • Give the best website browsing experience

    Allow your website visitors to get a better understanding of your product and services before purchasing and navigate your website with ease.

  • Increase sales and leads

    Whether users are sitting in the office or browsing your website from the comfort of their home on their phone, we help create a consistent website experience.

  • Improve search engine rankings

    Help boost and improve your website and product listings in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and get more traffic by showing product reviews and prices.

Our approach to eCommerce website design

Backed by science, our eCommerce website design service allows us to take proven principles and existing data to create an eCommerce website design that will not only look beautiful but improves user engagement, best showcases your products and services and improves the conversion rate of your eCommerce site.

  • User behaviour – User psychology and behaviour provides the framework for your eCommerce website’s layout and features.
  • Location – Depending where your visitors are they will interact with your website and digest content differently.
  • Language – Visitors across the world use different words/phrases for the same product, your website needs to be designed to cater to all.
  • Page speed – Your website visitor could be browsing on 4G whilst travelling on a bus, this means your eCommerce website needs to get them to your products and display them correctly as quickly as possible using a responsive website design.
  • Accessibility – Removing unnecessary steps from the visitor journey and ensuring that your visitors can not only find and view your products easily but that they can purchase and checkout with minimal fuss.

Our well thought out approach ensures that your eCommerce website will work hard for you and put money in your pocket.

Some common features that our eCommerce websites include:

  • Product Search
  • Product Categories
  • Payment Gateways (PayPal, Stripe, SagePay etc)
  • Customer login and registration
  • Customer Management
  • Order management
  • Invoice Management
  • Stock Management
  • Analytics
  • Blog

Mobile eCommerce

With Mobile sales overtaking desktop for the first time ever, it has never been more important than now to have an eCommerce website that is optimised to work on mobile devices.

Our eCommerce website design service also provides you with a responsive website design for your eCommerce store. This ensures that you capture sales whether your customers are on iPhones, Androids, tablets or desktop devices.

Ecommerce web designer Birmingham

As an expert eCommerce website design agency, ALT Agency has a team of experienced and passionate website designers with years of experience in designing robust, engaging and intentionally crafted ecommerce sites with used psychology as the driving force.

Our team of Birmingham based web enthusiasts will advise you every step of the way; what elements and features to include on your ecommerce website, website structure and brandings, including colours, buttons, call to action as well as how you can expect the user to traverse through your website. This enables us to work with you to create an eCommerce solution that shows your products and services in their best light, whilst also catering the needs of your target audience.



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Do you have a big idea that you want to bring to the market quickly via a beautiful and user-friendly website?

Whether you have the details of a project ready to go or need help finishing an existing project or even starting one from scratch, our team will help you achieve the results you need to make your business profitable.

eCommerce Web Design Birmingham

With years of experience in conversion rate optimisation and online sales psychology, our team of eCommerce website designers know what it takes to design a website that not only looks good but importantly builds trust generates sales and ranks at the top of Google.

Rest assured knowing that every pixel on your design is geared to generating you more sales.

If you are looking for more than just having your eCommerce website designed, then our eCommerce development service is perfect for you.

Geared towards making your website work across all browsers, our eCommerce development service will allow you to easily add new products, set prices and manage your stock levels with complete ease and bring this initial design to life.