eCommerce website design services

Ecommerce Website Design Services

Convert your visitors into paying customers.

ALT Agency is an eCommerce website design company based in Birmingham who are experts in designing and developing eCommerce website solutions.

No matter if you have an existing eCommerce website or you are looking to design a new eCommerce website from scratch, our team of Birmingham based eCommerce web designers can design you an eCommerce store that generates you a measurable return on investment.

eCommerce website design

As a leading eCommerce website design company, we have created many high converting eCommerce websites over the last 10 years.

Not only do we design beautiful looking eCommerce websites and develop them using the latest technologies, but we apply science to ensure that your website not only looks great but generates a return on investment by converting visitors to your eCommerce store into paying customers.


eCommerce website features

Some common features that our eCommerce websites include:

Our approach to eCommerce website design

Backed by science, out eCommerce website design service allows us to take proven principles and existing data to create an eCommerce website design that will not only look beautiful but convert your website visitors into paying customers.

Behaviours of your visitor are key – And these provide this provides the framework for your eCommerce website.

Location – Depending where your visitors are they will interact with your website and digest content differently.

Language – Visitors across the world use different words/phrases for the same product

Attention – Your website visitor could be browsing on 4G whilst travelling on a bus, this means your eCommerce website needs to get them to your products and display them correctly as quickly as possible using a responsive website design.

Friction – Removing unnecessary steps from the visitor journey and ensuring that your visitors can not only find ad view your products easily but that they can purchase and checkout with minimal fuss.

Our well thought out approach ensures that your eCommerce website will word hard for you and put money in your pocket.

Mobile eCommerce

With Mobile sales overtaking desktop for the first time ever, it has never been more important than now to have an eCommerce website that is optimised to work on mobile devices.

Our eCommerce website design service also provides you with a responsive website design for your eCommerce store. This ensures that you capture sales whether your customers are on iPhones, Tablets or desktop devices.