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Website Maintenance Birmingham

Keeping your website secure, up to date and generating you a Return On investment.

Now you have your website online it’s time to keep it up to date, whether it be simple updates or major weekly updates, we have a website maintenance package to keep your website fresh and up to date.

Understanding that to get the most out of your website requires constant on-going tweaks, some big and some small is the first step to understanding how valuable website maintenance is to get your new or existing website generating you a return on investment.

No matter if you want to simply update a few pages every other week with a few lines of text or require much more attention on a daily basis and adding functionality of all sizes on an on-going basis, website maintenance is what you need to get the most out of your website.

The Benefits of Website Maintenance:

  • improve website security

    With plugin, theme and code updates your website can be secure from constant threats.

  • Maintain visibility

    As part of an SEO strategy you can get more visibility by updating old content and providing fresh content.

  • Save on time spent maintaining your website

    Have someone else do the regular updates for you, allowing you to focus elsewhere.

  • Daily website updates

    If you require daily updates to your website, this can be covered within your website maintenance provision.

  • Monthly website updates

    If your website is less intensive, then monthly website maintenance may be all that you need to keep up-to date.

  • Maintain an ROI from your website

    Constant tiny improvements to your website can add to big gains and better ROI.

Website Design and Maintenance

You may think that now you have a new website launched that the traffic will come flooding and that your website will be a sales machine from day 1.

Whilst a thought out, designed and functional website can begin immediately generating sales from day 1, there is additional sales and conversions to be gained over the long term by constantly tweaking your website to get the most out of your conversions.

Web design and maintenance go hand in hand as you need to think of your website as a constant work in progress. As times changes, buying habits change, web design trends change, and the way websites are viewed change – By having a website maintenance contract you can ensure that your website stays a step ahead of all the major changes and trends that happen.

There are many different types of website maintenance contracts available – Some aren’t even contracts at all – and simply allow you to purchase a set number of hours each month to use as you wish after the general website maintenance has been done – some may require a longer term commitment.

Website maintenance isn’t all about optimising for conversions or bolting on new functionality to your website. The maintenance of your website falls into many other areas such as security, speed and content tweaks/changes.

Security is paramount to your website, whether it’s a custom website development or a WordPress website, hackers are always finding new ways to hack websites so ensuring your website is safe and secure is a key feature of a maintenance package.

There are other day to day bits that get carried out with website maintenance such as optimising your website for speed. Over times websites become cloggy and can suffer some slow down issues so having annual website maintenance is a chance to optimise and speed up your website database and images.

If you are having SEO done on your website then your SEO agency may recommend you updating your content to be fresh on a weekly or monthly basis, the reason being that relevant and fresh content keeps your user experience fresh and ticks another box with Google as Google loves fresh, relevant and up-to date content.

Website Maintenance Packages

There are various website maintenance packages available on the market and spending which web design agency you work with, they themselves will offer their own website maintenance packages which can make the process of choosing a maintenance package more confusing than it needs to be.

The most common website management and maintenance packages are based around hours and if your digital agency are the same agency who offer your SEO then it is likely that a website maintenance and SEO retainer will be rolled into one.

It’s very important that you get a website maintenance package that is right for you, your budget and your business needs as they can often range from a few hours a month into the thousands of pounds encompassing development, design, SEO and other digital resources that you may require to maintain your website.

ecommerce website maintenance packages

If you run an ecommerce website than a website maintenance package may be absolutely perfect for you.

With your ecommerce website all about generating sales and return on investment then an ecommerce website is the easiest place to measure return on investment with a maintenance package.

Ecommerce websites require a lot of focus and attention – An ecommerce website maintenance package could include anything from adding new products to your website to optimising your product pages and checkout stages as part of a conversion rate optimisation campaign.



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Website Design and maintenance companies

When looking for or comparing website maintenance plans it’s worth looking at the monthly cost vs. return on investment. By having a website maintenance contract, you can recover your website should it be hacked – Which you may not know how to do. You can save time adding products by having some else add products for you.

You can get the power of a web design agency maintain your website all working to improve your SEO, Conversions and website sales – whilst keeping your website running efficiently and smoothly.

Website maintenance can span a broad term, as mentioned above its everything from updating WordPress plugins to ensuring website security adding new products, updating content and maintain SEO, these items can all be done as part of website maintenance.

In summary website maintenance is about keep a website up to date so that it looks, functions and is found across all devices and ensuring it performs optimally.