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With mobile visitors now making up over half of all traffic to websites and more visitors than ever being mobile, it’s time to ask, Is your website ready for the mobile revolution?

Your audience is mobile and they expect to have a consistent experience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

At ALT Agency we design & develop fully functional responsive websites that work across all devices – providing the ultimate experience and reducing the need to pinch, zoom and squint to read your content.

Benefits Of Mobile Design

A responsive website comes with many benefits, not only is it preferred by Google but it is also far easier and less complicated to manage.

  • mobile SEO benefits

    Google has a mobile first index, having a mobile site will help improve your rankings in the search results.

  • Improve mobile experiences

    Mobile usage is over taking desktop, give your customers an incredible experience no matter where they are or their device.

  • Easily manage your mobile website

    No separate website to your desktop website, update your desktop website and your mobile site updates with it.

  • Get Better Mobile Conversions

    Tailor your design for smaller devices, prioritise content and call to actions to increase your conversions.

Mobile Web Design Approach

Your mobile website visitors will behave differently to your desktop website users. Using this data we optimise your mobile website to ensure you get maximum conversions from your mobile traffic.

Integrating mobile as part of your wider strategy will help ensure that your visitors experience is consistent across all platforms as your visitors switch from desktop, to mobile, to app.

A mobile website design is certainly the way to go if you are looking to offer the best possible experience across mobile devices.

Designing a website for mobile is all about the experience, not the technology behind the mobile website design. It is your audience, your individual website visitor, who is mobile and understanding their behaviour – that’s what will make your Mobile Website stand out amongst your competitors.

When you have a standalone mobile website, that is optimised around your visitors flow and behaviours, you will be able to give the best possible mobile website experience and in turn improve the engagement between your website visitor and your mobile website.

Responsive Website or Mobile Specific Design?

A responsive website comes with many benefits, not only is it preferred by Google but it is also far easier and less complicated to manage.

A fully responsive website works seamlessly, the code dictates which content & elements to display and ensures everything is scaled correctly for the screen or device that your website has been opened on.

A mobile specific design is not looked upon very positively by Google. They often are rather static in in flexibility and are considered a whole separate site to your desktop website and are usually hosted on a sub-domain.

  • Web Design Agency BirminghamWeb Design

    Re-designing an existing website or creating you a new one from scratch, our Birmingham team of web designers will guide you.

  • Web Design Agency BirminghamMobile Design

    Attract and engage with users across all mobile devices.

  • Web Design Agency BirminghamResponsive Design

    Offer a seamless Desktop, Tablet & Mobile experience at any screen size.

Mobile Website or Mobile App?

A Mobile website and a Mobile App are two separate things. Mobile Websites are essential to any business that relies upon it’s website to generate new business – Without a Mobile Website your website will not correctly display across all devices or may not even load at all leaving people to think you are out of business!

A mobile app is a standalone platform, usually Mobile Apps are games or used to enhance your website experience. When used as an addition to your mobile website, an App can increase engagement as it quickly connects your users to your business from their phone. They are a constant reminder of your business as they are stored on your user’s personal phone and they also provide a much quicker way for people to connect with your business or website as a lot of the data can be stored offline within the app – reducing the need to be online.

Our expert team of mobile designers are on hand to talk you through each stage and provide you with the correct solution for your mobile needs.

Mobile Design Vs Responsive Website Design

More often than not a responsive web design is preferred over a mobile dedicated design. Although the 2 are closely connected there are slight cross overs.

When designing a mobile website for instance elements of mobile design are used to deliver the best possible experience.

The key difference between the 2 is that with a responsive website, clever coding is used to adapt to the device being used, whereas a dedicated mobile website is usually designed specifically for a specific mobile device and might have a few display issues across different types of mobile devices.

If you are looking for responsive web design in the Birmingham area or can’t decide on the best route to take then do not fear as our team of expert mobile designers will come and visit you at your office, or invite you for tea and biscuits at our Birmingham HQ and walk you through your mobile design options.



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About Mobile Responsive Web Design

A responsive website goes hand in hand with your mobile website design, although slightly different to a fully optimised standalone mobile website design, a responsive website reacts to your website visitor’s device and environment and scales back depending on the available screen size and content required for the necessary experience.

Using clever coding your website will hide, shrink, enlarge and re-arrange content as necessary depending on the available screen size on the mobile device that your visitor is using.

The goal of a responsive website is to always offer the best experience possible, no matter your website visitor’s internet speed, browser or screen resolution.

Mobile design is not just for websites. Our team of expert mobile designers are able to design for Mobile Apps.

Please see our section about Mobile App Development if you are interested in developing a standalone Mobile App for iOS or Android devices.