iOS & Android Mobile App Devleopment in Birmingham

Mobile App Development for iOS and Android

Extend Brand Awareness with a Business App or Game.

Huge growth in mobile usage, mobile commerce and augmented reality games such as Pokémon Go have made an app an essential element for any business.

Mobile Apps not only bring with them the added convenience of being installed on a user’s phone, giving 1 click accessibility, they also bring with them the added benefit of improving brand awareness and brand engagement.

We develop apps for the following platforms:

The benefits of a mobile app

A mobile app brings with it many benefits, not only convenience but also:

  • Provides more value to your customers – Apps allow you to create more value by engaging more with your customers. Embed core features from your website such as logins, loyalty points & 1-click ordering to increase the number of times a customer interacts with your business.
  • Connect better with your customers – Your mobile presence will allow you to always present the same features, brand & presence no matter the time of day. Should someone want to do something on demand, then your app is always there, on their phone, available at the click of a button.
  • Increase your profits – By providing more value and convenience to your customers through a mobile app, you are able to take advantage of the on-demand culture and the ever-growing increase in mobile sales.
  • Be front of mind – Push special offers, messages and target specific customer segments all through your mobile app.


App Development Birmingham

From our Birmingham office, our expert app developers will help you each step of way to:

  • Plan – Ensure your Mobile App meets the needs of your customer audience and that your customers journey is mapped out.
  • Design your app – As each app has different variations and coding requirements, we design your app too meet these different variations to ensure your app displays in high definition across all mobile & tablet devices.
  • Promote your new mobile app – Using our Digital Marketing service, our Birmingham team will help ensure that your Mobile App gets found and used by your target audience.

Our App Developers will guide you each step of the way and point out to you the best direction to take. Our team of app developers can visit you at your office or welcome you to our Birmingham office, where your app ideas will be made a reality.

Android App Development

We can create Apps that are designed specifically for Android. Working with the Android software is something our App developers do on a daily basis.

With Android being open source software a huge benefit is the lower costs thanks to the open source software.

The easy and versatile customisation options offered by Android app development make Android one of the easiest and quickest platform to work with.

iOS / iPhone App Development

As the most popular operating system in the world, iOS development is the first port of call when looking to develop a mobile app.

iOS mobile app development comes with the added benefit of its slick easy to use interface, coupled with the fact that Apple only accepts quality developed apps, you will know that those who download your app are quality users… Plus… Reports suggest that those who use iOS are more likely to spend more on in-app purchases.