WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress Website Maintenance Packages

Supporting your WordPress website and making sure it’s running effectively so you don’t have to.

Looking for a team to manage your WordPress website?

Do you find that you struggle to update your WordPress website yourself? Perhaps you don’t have the time in the day to give your site the attention it needs? This might even be your first site and you haven’t the foggiest idea about the inner workings of a webpage! That’s where ALT Agency comes in. We have the in-house with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in all things web-related and support you in managing your site.

We will be on call to update your website whenever you need us. Our maintenance services range from a whole host of tasks such as editing your text, updating an image, uploading a video or even restructuring the layout of a page (and a whole lot more!) We listen to your business goals and get to understand your brand’s messaging in order to support you in the best way possible.

“Sounds good, but how does it work?”

You choose a set number of hours per month and you decide how we use that time to carry out these essential website maintenance tasks, keep it up to date and ensure it performs at its best. We believe in putting the power in your hands and leave us to do the heavy lifting.

There Are Many Flexible Types Of WordPress Website Maintenance Packages Available

You simply purchase a set number of hours each month to use as you wish – whether that be for design, development or SEO, the choice is completely yours.

You can scale up and down the number of hours you require each month and there are no contracts to sign.

Why ALT Agency?

ALT Agency has relationships with hundreds of businesses with whom we update their websites on a regular basis. We’ve supported many businesses over the years in optimising their sites, engaging with their users and keeping their site’s health up!

We want to foster long lasting relationships with our clients, learning the ins and outs of their business and branding, listening to all our customers goals, and making alterations as needed to support them. If our customers are happy, we’re happy.

With over 60 five-star reviews on Google, the tight-knit team at ALT Agency are all highly skilled at working with the WordPress platform with over 90% of the projects we work on being WordPress based!

We work together, using communication and collaboration to ensure that targets are met on time and always to the highest standard. Our attention to detail, thorough project management and ability to get your website looking its best, equals satisfied customers and smooth-running websites.

If this sounds like something you feel you’d benefit from, then why not drop us an email or give us a call? We’d love to hear from you and discuss your project!


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Ensure your WordPress website is always up to date, loading quickly and safe from hackers. It’s very easy to perform WordPress maintenance, just drop us a call on 0121 663 0202 and one of our team will be happy to walk you through the best ways to maintain your WordPress website.

WordPress Website Maintenance Services

If you are extremely busy and want someone to take away the task of updating your website, then our team of digital experts can help you. We will ensure your website is running efficiently and looking professional. That way when potential customers visit your site, they find a fully functioning website, which is secure and loading quickly.

We shall be your website lifeline, available and on-standby when you need us. We will sit down, assess your website requirements and assist going forward with our WordPress maintenance service. We will ensure we have a solution to your website problems and will guarantee your website will be performing the way you need it to.

Having worked on hundreds of WordPress maintenance projects – We will make sure your WordPress website is looking fantastic and performing better than it has ever been.

What is WordPress website maintenance?

We work with a whole host of different Content Management Systems (CMS), but by far one of the most popular is WordPress. This is due to its ability to be fully flexible, create bespoke websites, be easy to use and be very secure.

Each CMS requires a different set of skills to maintain as they all have varying components, plugins and integrations. If you have a WordPress website, then you’ll likely need an agency that is well-versed in WordPress specific website maintenance.

Some common WordPress website updates include thematic updates, plugin updates, page speed optimisation, technical SEO audits and much more! Not only does this ensure that any additional features beyond the basic WordPress theme are up to date, but it also ensures that your website remains secure and customer’s data remains safe.

With a thoughtful and well designed WordPress maintenance package like ours, you can be sure that your site remains in great health, giving your business the best chance of generating new leads through your website, whilst also building up reliable relationships with existing ones.

ALT Agency’s WordPress Website Maintenance Packages

You simply purchase a set number of hours each month to use as you wish – whether that be for design, development or SEO, the choice is completely yours. You can scale up and down the number of hours you require each month and there are no contracts to sign and no long-term commitment.

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    There are two important considerations when looking for a designer, work quality and reliability. ALT Agency offer both in spades.

    We were looking for a designer to redesign and polish our back end system, time was an issue as we had multiple launch deadlines and so we needed someone to make our existing layout really sing at an affordable price, ALT Agency delivered. The next time we need any design work, ALT Agency will be at the top of our list.

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    WordPress Website Maintenance Faqs

    WordPress websites require maintenance to help patch security vulnerabilities and also get the latest WordPress and plugin functionality to help ensure that your WordPress website doesn’t get hacked but that it’s also fully compatible with the latest technology and works seamlessly with other third-party plugins.

    On top of that, WordPress maintenance goes further:

    Optimising your website for Google Page Insights which will ensure swift loading of your website and also help support your SEO efforts.

    Cleaning up your database as it may not just be code that slows down your website, it is important to also look after and clean your database for optimal performance.

    Yes – When maintained properly!

    As with any piece of software, at their time of release they are always at their most secure – until a new vulnerability/exploit is found!

    By maintaining your WordPress website and keeping plugins and themes up to date you reduce the risk of vulnerabilities and stand the best chance of keeping your WordPress website secure.

    As part of keeping WordPress secure, plugins such as Sucuri and Wordfence can be used to firstly try and block any malicious attacks – adding an extra layer of security through a firewall – and also lock down any vulnerable folders that could be easily exploited/hijacked.

    By not updating your WordPress platform – Along with WordPress plugins and themes, you run the risk of your WordPress website being hacked and/or hijacked.

    Once hacked, a WordPress website can take a lot of time to clean up, usually a good 3-5 days depending on how bad the hack is.

    The most common solution that people try is to revert a back up to fix the issue, however exploited files can lay dormant for weeks, even months and so reverting a backup wont necessary clean the root cause – Leaving your website to be exploited/hijacked again usually within days. Some of the common signs of a WordPress hack/hijack are:

    Random pop ups appearing on your website with unusual content in them.
    Your whole website redirecting to another website.
    Thousands of pages, usually in Japanese appearing in your sitemap and search results

    Depending on the size of the update and number of items to update we usually recommend up to 2 hours for the absolute basic updates such as WordPress & WordPress plugin updates.

    Any issues that are caused by the updates would then need to be worked out.

    On top of that, Page speed optimisation and database clean ups can take a further 2 hours.

    We recommend a minimum of 5 hours per month to update and maintain your WordPress website.

    It is always best practice to patch plugins and WordPress as soon as an update becomes available.

    We always recommend updating your WordPress install, plugins and any themes at least once a month at the very bare minimum.

    Our website maintenance service includes:
    Set up a staging server – To allow the work to be done in a safe environment.
    Updating WordPress – Then checking the update has worked and not caused any issues.
    Updating plugins – Then again checking the updates have worked and not caused any issues.
    Page speed – Working on your Google Page insights metrics to get your website score as high as possible.
    General website health check – Ensuring sitemaps are created, there are no broken links or 404 errors and that your website is in generally good health. /p>

    Every day!
    Most hosts such as Guru and WPEngine offer this as a very basic service and automatically back up your website each day.
    As part of the maintenance service, we would take manual back ups before doing any work and before moving anything live as an additional precaution.

    5 hours – £475+vat per month
    10 hours – £900+vat per month

    Any unused hours roll over for up to 3 months.

    To discuss your requirements in more detail and understand the ideal package for you, please do call us on 0121 663 0202 or contact us here.

    The process for updating a WordPress website is as follows:
    Take a live backup – Leave nothing to chance and ensure there’s always a backup should anything ever go wrong.
    Set up a staging server – A separate environment to your live environment so changes do not affect your live website until fully tested.
    Update WordPress – Update the main WordPress files and test for any issues.
    Update plugins – Once WordPress is update, we will then update plugins and test for any issues.
    Update any themes – If you have any parent themes in place, we will get this updated and check for any issues.
    Security audit – Ensure Sucuri and Wordfence are set up correctly and protecting your site the best that they can.
    Flush your database – Remove any unused drafts/revision files and any transients which may be slowing your website down.
    Provide you with a report – Once everything is completed on the staging server, you will be provided with a report and test URL so that you can check the website over before going live.
    Take a live back up again – Before going live we will take another back up to ensure we are at the latest version.
    Go live – Once you are happy, we will go live, test for issues again and then let you know once completed.

    Drop us a call on 0121 663 0202 and we will help decide the best package for you and plan a way forwards to help ensure your website is always swiftly maintained, alternatively use the contact form to contact us here.

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