For all the enlightenment that recent advancements in search engine optimization have brought with them, many SEO myths still abound, and it’s really annoying.

You would expect that people with even the most basic knowledge of SEO wouldn’t fall for these myths, but believe it or not, many of them still do.

One of the more persistent SEO myths out there is the so-called one-and-done SEO, where you optimize your website once, and you’re set for life. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

We have said time and again that SEO rankings are a fickle mistress, that they are inherently unstable. You could be on Page 1 one day, then buried somewhere on Page 62 the following week or so.

That’s because of so many factors, including the fact that you have competitors, who will stop at nothing just to get to Page 1 and effectively knock you off your perch since you, the one-and-done optimizer, failed to sustain your SEO efforts.

You did your SEO well and got rewarded with a higher ranking, but you rested on your laurels, and now somebody else has taken your place.

Always remember that SEO never sleeps. It’s essential to keep up with your SEO efforts because of several reasons, including the publication of new pages, evolving search engine algorithms, link rot, and outdated content.

Even more annoying is the SEO myth that anyone can get instant SEO results if they hire the right individual or company.

No SEO professional or company worth his or its salt will ever claim that, for the simple reason that no one can make results happen in just a week or two.

SEO efforts take months to bear fruit, so anyone offering instant results is just running a scam.

More annoying SEO myths in the infographic below – Click to enlarge.

16 SEO Myths You Should Ignore Completely Infographic

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When working with an SEO agency you can run these myths by them and get their opinion on them – you can also use it to validate what they say to ensure you are getting the best possible SEO service.

An SEO digital marketing agency who talks the talk will be able to back it up with results, so don’t just pay attention to what they say but also where they rank and where their clients rank.