3 ways to improve your email open rates

Email marketing – A new challenge for 2015.


The right time

There are a number of times considered the best time to send emails. If most people are in the office and start work at 8am then it’s a good bet the first they will be doing is checking their emails, so sending an email to arrive in time for 8 am is a good start.

Using software such as mailchimp, it can work out the optimal time for your emails to be sent. Mailchimp collects data from millions of emails and also from your own list and has the ability to work out the ideal time to send your emails.

Remember: different people are in different time zones so you may wish to take this 1 step further and optimize around time zones.


Call to Action

A strong call to action should be used in your email. Always have a call to action repeated several times in your email repeatedly!

Remember: Using a PS. At the end of an email can also be a great place to put your call to action as studies have shown that people quite often jump right down to the bottom of an email so having your offer and call to action repeated in a PS is always a great idea.


Split testing

The bigger your list, the better for split testing. There is email split testing software out there that allows you to split test subject lines, content and send times to allow you to get the most out of your campaign. Changing 1 word in an email subject line can improve conversions by 7%. Once you have tested your best subject line continue to test and test it to get the most return from it.


When used correctly, email marketing can generate you a good return on investment, however the first challenge is to get those emails opened!

Craig - UK Web Designer By Craig Murphy I am the director of Alt Web Design Ltd. With over 10 years’ experience in web design and programming I ensure that your website is optimised to improve your business, sales and profits. I create websites that rank at the top of Google and can be easily updated by you.

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