A recent study by google has analysed the behaviour and trends of over 15,000 shoppers during a 6 month period, leaving marketers with a new approach and thinking to online buying.

The findings report that:

  1. 33% of sales happen 30 days after the customer began their research
  2. 70% of customers use search engines
  3. Buyers who search generic keywords are 19% more likely to buy online
  4. The average customer visits 4.5 websites a total of 9.9 times before purchasing (2.2 to yours, 7.7 to your competitors)
  5. Focusing on all customer touch points and not just the last click is the key to best success

The above facts, in 2019, all come down to the design of your ecommerce website. Design plays a key part in making your ecommerce website be good enough to sell on your behalf.

You can’t always be there selling to each an individual customer – Although a live chat or chat bot makes that almost achievable – so you need to have an incredible ecommerce website designer who understands the principles of designing an ecommerce website that sells.

An ecommerce website designer who truly understands great ecommerce web design will know the psychology of what makes an ecommerce website sell.

Whether that’s through the sue of colour, strong call to actions, the use of trust icons or designing a streamlined checkout process – It’s all part of the skillset that a great ecommerce designer will possess.

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