Probably you have heard that you can make money while just referring & sending customers to a shop or a merchant. The same technique & method is used in the Online World as well which we call it Affiliate Marketing.

If you’re a beginner and just want to learn Affiliate Marketing, how it works, how to promote Affiliate Products to make money online then you’re at the right place because we have brought before you a detailed Infographic Affiliate Marketing 101 from that will help to take you through all the basics of Affiliate Marketing and how you can promote Affiliate Products and make money out of your promotional efforts & strategies.

As mentioned in the Infographic, Affiliate Marketing is all about promoting products to customers either online or offline but most of the marketing campaigns are happend online because of the ease and other internet resources & facilities.

If you’re an Internet and Blogging lover & want to make money online like others who work less but are making thousands of dollars each month working right from the safe zone of their living rooms! Then I’d suggest you learn about Affiliate Marketing and once you have the understanding of Affiliate Marketing, you’ll have a better option how to make money online and how to promote products.

How to Choose The Right Affiliate Program/Network to promote?

Almost most of the companies out there with an online website offer Affiliate Programs which allow you to promote their products/them and make a commission or bounty for each successful referral or sale that is referred through your unique Affiliate Link. Now how to choose the right Affiliate Program or Site so that you can get high commission or also called as CPA, we’ll learn right here.

Now there are a few things/rules that you must follow before you sign up with any Affiliate Program.

Payout Method
The very first thing that you must look for is a Payout Method. This is the very basic thing to check because it’s very important to know what Payout Method will be used by the Affiliate Program or Network to send you the payment or the commission that you have made out of your promotional efforts.

Most of the companies offer various Payout Methods so check this option before you sign up with any Program or Network.

Product Reputation
Product Reputation is one of the must have to look things to check because when you’re promoting the wrong product that has no reputation and bad reviews, you can even get bad reviews on your own Affiliate Marketing campaign which in return will be a waste of time.

Payout Commission
There out are countless Affiliate Programs that pay high commission & CPA and some low paying as well so it’s better to choose and spend your time promoting the highest paying CPA Affiliate Programs.

Cookies Duration
This is not important but however if any Affiliate Program is offering and supporting then it’s a positive signal for your Affiliate Marketing Campaign because most of the visitors that click on your Affiliate Link does not go direct to purchase products from the merchant but rather sometimes they delay the purchase due to any reason but when a Cookie is supported by the Affiliate Program that you’re promoting then no matter how long after the customer or user purchases products from the merchant, your Referral will be tracked and the commission will be funded into your account when the sale is done during the Cookie duration.

Final Words
After all, Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways out of all the ways to make money while just working right from the comfort zone of your living room. Let me know if you have any question regarding this post and I’d be happily reply to your queries below in the comments section.

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