It was a pleasant surprise today to find our website listed over at the well respected CSS arts gallery!

The website positions its self as “CSS Arts is a web design gallery showcasing great web designs” so to be listed is a great feeling!

It feels great to find nice things like this about your company online – It really is a testament to the hard work carried out by our team as we continue to grow and deliver the highest quality code to our clients.

See the page here:

By being listed and recognised by such a leading authority in CSS gives ALT Agency a lot of credibility that not only are our designs beautiful, but that the code that we deliver our clients is to a high standard.

Well coded CSS is super important, with poor coded CSS, your website could render incorrectly across different browsers and devices.
Clean, well coded CSS, also allows your website to load much more quickly, the less inline CSS you have and the smaller number of CSS files that you have the quicker your website will render.

Beautiful CSS makes your website small in size, quick to load and adds nice little interactions such as colouring your text, positioning your images and aligning your design perfectly on mobile devices.

You can validate CSS code by using the W3 CSS validator which can be found here:

Thanks again to CSS arts gallery, it really does mean a lot to have our work featured and the recognition is appreciated by the team of designers and developers here at ALT Agency who work endlessly to deliver not only the best experience to website users but all the best possible code, including CSS.

Be sure when you start your next project to pay attention to your CSS and style sheets, ensure they are cleanly coded and that styles are mixed across multiple stylesheets – which puts additional pressures and time on your site loading.