They’re probably a lot higher than you think!

Most say that the average conversion rate is 0.5%-1%, which is probably true for most average run of the mill Landing Pages with very little optimisation or web development work done.

However, a recent study by found that the average Landing Page Conversion Rate was in fact 2.35%! Further to that, they found that the top 25% of websites were converting at 5.31% or higher!

To break into that top 25% or higher you need to be doing things dramatically different to the rest of the world. Whilst single digit gains are great, for you to really reach the top you need to start looking for massive improvements in double digit gain.

One suggest way to do this by is to test 4 unique landing pages with different “offers, messaging and flow”.

To break into the top 10% of high converting landing pages? Try testing this across TEN different landing pages.

The results? According to the latest research, Landing pages that perform 5 times better than average are “not uncommon”. This is Online Sales Psychology on steroids!

Your key takeaway?

If you are serious about conversions, test many many different landing pages, and we are not just talking about changing the colour of buttons, but test radically different designs, different offers, different imagery, different layouts and different offers – That is how you break into the world of high converting landing pages!

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