Birmingham’s Silicon Canal – The Place For Tech-Start-Ups

Birmingham is aiming to take on the tech capital of the UK – London – by introducing an ecosystem consisting of office space, Birmingham’s silicon canal aims to connect, promote & support the tech companies of Birmingham.

Silicon Canal is a not for profit organisation, run completely by volunteers who love Birmingham and have an interest in supporting the tech industry of Birmingham.

Business start-ups can benefit from incubators that support silicon canal as well as support from the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) which offers generous tax breaks and provides the financial backing that start-up businesses may require.

Birmingham also has a number of business mentors that have an interest in helping young entrepreneurs grow their business. One of these such business mentors is Moe Nawaz, who currently runs mentoring sessions at The Ritz London & Houses of parliament. Mow is currently offering a scholarship program, more details can be found here:

Here’s a video from one of Moe Nawaz’s events:

Why Birmingham for Silicon Canal?

As Europe’s youngest city, Birmingham brings with it access to major talent with around 6,000 tech firms employing more than 38,000 people.

With Birmingham university a stones throw away and graduates in Web Design, Computer Science and many more subjects near by, picking up new exciting talent isn’t difficult and the pool of talent is a big draw to local tech companies.

The cost of living in Birmingham is far lower than London. Surveys show that rents in Birmingham are almost 1/3 of that in London for comparable properties.

ASOS reportedly recently moved their HQ to Birmingham from London, reportedly citing costs being cheaper by up to 50% than London!
With a lower cost of living and a tech ecosystem it makes perfect sense for Silicon Canal to find a home at Birmingham. Birmingham has more to offer than just the city not to mention the Bullring & Mailbox shopping venues, Michelin starred restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.

What’s on offer for Birmingham Business’?

Silicon Canal as well as providing nurturing, growth and home to tech companies will be running awards nights as well as regular meet up events.

There are over 40 events per month in Birmingham, more details can be found here:

Further meetups can be found by visiting:

Silicon canal recently saw its first events night take place where investors, start-ups and web coders of the year were all honoured.

All in all Silicon Canal looks set to rival London with it’s incredibly friendly and inviting eco system, over the coming years there are sure to be more great announcements and progression made at Silicon Canal.

Disclaimer: Silicon Canal Logo from Silicon Canal Twitter