Black Friday & Cyber Monday….. The Results are in….

This year was expected to be a big year for both Black Friday & Cyber Monday and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

Reports suggest that Cyber Monday sales were up around 10% – meaning sales of around $3.39 billion which should just slightly beat the sales of Black Friday which came in at $3.34 billion.

Cyber Monday is typically the biggest shopping day of the year, but this year has been run close to the ground by Black Friday which is gaining momentum globally.

Reports suggest that by early morning on Monday a staggering $540million had already been spent online.

The per spending per person is also slightly down this year, however, this is said to be due to the fact that black Friday is no longer just a 1 day event and often spread out across a week.

Online spending/eCommerce sales on black Friday is up, as projected, by 21.6% from last year.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday have been a huge success this year.

According to CNBC on Monday, during a peak into the eBay “war room”, some of the top sellers in demand on eBay were the Playstation VR, Nintendo gaming devices and 4k HD Televisions.

Beauty products are also reported to of been a big seller over the big weekend, but handbag sales were reportedly down.

One interesting fact reported was that for every $10 spent online, $7.50 of it went through the Adobe Marketing Cloud Sales Platform!

Both Amazon & Walmart reported sales were up through their apps, with Walmart reporting a 150% increase in sales though their app.

It’s great to hear that lessons have be learnt since last year and that there have been no major reports of websites or apps crashing and losing sales this weekend.

Here’s to another record breaking weekend – What were your favourite black friday & cyber monday deals you managed to secure? Share them with us!


hat tip: CNBC & Pintrest for the Robot image 🙂