Choosing the right web design agency can be a difficult and daunting task, particularly if you have been asked to do it by your boss or you feel as though you don’t know about the “complex” ways of the web and web development.

This short guide has been put together to help you choose a web design agency with complete ease.

One of a business, or your business’ biggest investments will likely be into a website.

If that investment fails to deliver a return, then it can quickly become one of your biggest liabilities.

Here are a few pointers to help you choose a web design agency:

#1 Conversion & ROI focused

It is important that you hire a web design agency who understands conversions and can deliver you a website that generates a return on investment.

Having a pretty website is only one half of the equation, but if your website needs to do more than just act as a brochure and actually nurture relationships and deliver sales then you need a web agency who can explain how they will do this in a clear manner.

A great agency will have a track record of this and will be able to explain their process simply, such as the 7 principles of Online Sales Psychology.

#2 Trading History

A lot of web design agencies pop up overnight and vanish as quickly as they first appeared.

This can be due to many reasons such as poor economy/trading conditions, inability to adapt and keep up with trends or worse, their inability to take their own medicine and actually bring sales and clients in through their own sales & marketing activities.

If an agency has been around for a while – ALT is entering its 14th year – then it’s a pretty good indicator that they are trustworthy and will likely be around in the future to help you develop your website and offer you support.

#3 Custom solutions tailored to your needs

Many web agencies receive a project brief and offer a one-fits all quote, that may not meet your needs.

To get the most out of choosing an agency make your budget clear up front, there are some agencies who won’t touch projects below £10,000 so it’s best to get them out of the way and finding an agency within your budget.

Ask for help and how the agency will spend your budget – To ensure that you get the most out it.

#4 Meet your agency

Most web design agencies have teams of people ready to support you from project managers to account managers.

Your agency, will have an office, actual premises you can visit.

It’s always worth calling the team in for a meet & great to get to know who you will be working with.


Get the best Return On Investment

Whilst web design agencies can be expensive, it’s even more expensive to choose the wrong agency as it could end up costing you twice, so make sure you think about the above when it becomes time to choose a web design agency.

Take note of the points above and ensure you get the best ROI from your web design agency.

There are many web agencies on the market, simply start with a Google search to find web agencies near you. A simple search, for example, for web design Birmingham, if you are from Birmingham is a good start and will bring up the top agencies near to you.

It can be difficult to separate agencies and know who will deliver and who won’t, maybe one agency has a guarantee and the other doesn’t this could be the deciding factor for you when deciding who to work with.

Check reviews, testimonials and speak to past and existing customers to get a full understanding of what your potential web design agency is all about.