What is a Digital Agency?

A Digital Agency is a type of business that specialises in the delivery of creative and technical internet based products.

With services ranging from web design, to website development and Online Marketing, a specialist digital agency can not only create and maintain your website but help your business grow through online and offline marketing techniques.

Alt – Digital Agency Birmingham – help your business to grow by engaging with your specific target audience and market.

Not just by creating your website, a digital agency is able to consult and come up with a marketing strategy, which includes creative input, to get you the maximum return on investment from your online activities.

A digital agency will typically have a wide team of specialists who each specialise in their chosen field. A typical digital agency will consists of top level management, project managers, account managers, content/creative team, development team and an online marketing team.

Some of the ways a digital agency can help you are:

Web Design

Web Development

Search engine optimisation

Pay Per Click Advertising

Content Marketing – There are lots of benefits of content marketing, that you can explore here.





App Development

Digital agencies should have an area of speciality, which will enable you to leverage and build your business around. For example a digital agency may specialise in Web Design or Search Engine Optimisation. It could be even more niche than that and you may opt for a digital agency who specialise in a specific platform such as Wordpress Web Development or the Magento eCommerce platform.

Digital agencies like ALT Agency are in demand, the reason being that many companies lack the required digital skills to create, develop & execute a digital marketing strategy.

As technology advances, companies are finding it difficult to find the match of expertise, talent & cost to execute a digital marketing campaign.

Finding the right digital agency that specialises in your chosen platform and can offer you a full end-to-end solution can be difficult. Measuring your Return On Investment should be a key priority when you are looking to choose your digital agency – So ensure that you ask the right questions and that your digital agency can provide you with suitable easy to follow and easy to understand metrics that allow you to measure the ROI generated by your digital agency.

Breaking down the key services:
Web design is the most common service offered by a digital agency. These types of service fall under creative design solutions that span not just website design but also mobile and app design.

As a Birmingham website design agency, ALT Agency is more than equipped to handle all of your design needs and ensure that your website visitors get a consistent experience when using your website on multiple devices.

Website development is another service that many digital agencies in Birmingham offer. This is the act of bringing your website to life through the use of web development programming languages. Web developers are a different kind of people to web designers and in smaller freelance web designer set ups can be the same person, although it’s worth remembering that design & development use 2 different parts of the brain! – So, it is better to have a dedicated web developer and separate web designer.

SEO is likely another activity that your digital marketing agency will offer. SEO is short for search engine optimisation and is quite simply put, the combined science and art of getting your website to rank at the top of Google.

There are lots of SEO agencies out there, a small percentage of them are excellent and have the proof in the pudding by ranking their selves at the top of Google. There are also a lot of very bad SEO companies out there on the market who use underhand techniques to try and get you ranking or at the very least miss out the basics to on-site SEO and only deliver half hearted results.

Contact ALT Agency – Digital Agency Birmingham – on 0121 663 0202to discuss your digital agency requirements, we are happy to listen to your requirements and guide you down the right direction.