EBay analyses facial expressions!

According to reports EBay is using “emotional recognition technology” to help you decide what you want for Christmas….

The online market place opened a pop up store in London earlier this week which included a private booth, headphones, a screen and a camera.

In the booth a series of sensors track your facial expressions as you browse a series of items.

The aim is to try and figure out what people really want for Christmas.

EBay claims it’s not just a case of reading people’s facial expressions but “Muscular micro-shifts from visitors will be captured and correlated with complex emotional and cognitive states recognized by the innovative software engine.”

Whilst the technology is still very early doors, it has been used previously by other companies such as Unilever using the technology to monitor people’s faces to see if they can better improve their deodorant product.

EBay wants shopping to become an “emotional” experience and this could be the first step in that direction and could bring with it a whole new eCommerce experience.