During my last post “Shocking Ecommerce behaviours” one of the shocking issues raised was the importance of product images and how important they are to the success of your eCommerce website design.

When you are using words, you can only convey so much and as that old saying goes “a picture paints a thousand words”.  Apple is a company who use images that sell their products to the maximum. Notice I said images and not image!

Research has shown that when your visitors are on your product page and they see an image, for example of a laptop, they want to see it from more than just one angle, with the majority of people wishing to see the laptop from behind, the side and above so that they can see the keyboard.

Whilst we are talking about Apple and their laptops, I want to use their MacBook air as a brilliant example to further back up what I am saying.

Just take a look at the images used on their official website:

Apple air book - great ecommerce example

Apple air book - great ecommerce example 2


Apple air book - great ecommerce example 3


And then a promotional video that they used to showcase their product:

The way the product is presented is in its absolute best light, it shows the products sleek design from a number of angles and also show cases its Unique Selling Point (USP), its thinness, in all the shots.

Apple has always been a leader when it comes to showcasing images that make their product unbelievably desirable. So learn from what they do, because IT WORKS!

Using apple was a way to show you how powerful images can be, now I want to show you how powerful images can be on your website.

Let’s use Amazon as an example, and their case for iPads (see image below)

Amazon image - Great ecommerce example


You can see from the screenshot above that the iPad cases are presented in a number of ways in one image alone, and then there are further multiple images for you to view with more angles of the product in. This amazon example works really well, as it shows the iPad case in angles you wouldn’t normally think of, it makes the product look desirable and shows the product playing to its strengths. Before purchasing that product you get a very clear picture in your mind of its capabilities and it’s that what plays in your customers mind and pulls them towards the purchase.

Make no bones about images sell a product, the more images that make the product appear desirable, and the greater the chance of a customer purchasing. Amazon is the world’s top online retailer and made its owner a multi billionaire (as of January 2018, the richest man in the world – Richer than Bill Gates!), they would of put the images used through thorough testing, stage after stage after stage and they display what improved their conversions, These guys know what sell, so use it to your advantage, after all, they would of done split testing you can only dream of!

The scarf example:

Two identical black scarf’s, two very different images, The second image will no doubt stimulate your want for the scarf a lot more than the first image.

Bad choice of ecommerce image       Good example of ecommerce image that sells

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