In my last blog I spoke about getting free advertising by using social media to the maximum, if you haven’t read it be sure to… it’s a gold mine if you want people sharing and discussing your product with little effort on your part.

In this final part of my ecommerce crash course, which I hope you have enjoyed and used to leverage your ecommerce sales to the maximum, I want to show you how you can install confidence in your consumer buy showing the purchase history of your product or service.

One sure way to sell a product is confidence, the confidence can be conveyed in many ways, testimonials and reviews being the most powerful, but not everybody consumer who buys your product or service will return to your website to review it, so its not the most effective way of installing confidence in your consumers, but it is certainly an element you need on your ecommerce site, so what could be as effective and require no effort on the part of your consumer?

It’s pretty simple: shows the sales history, eBay do it and so should you.

Just a simple image saying how many of the product has been sold

ebay purchase history example
image Copyright: eBay

This helps install confidence, firstly it lets your consumer know that you have sold many, it shows you have a trade history and that you have been in business making sales for a long time. It also plants a seed in your consumers mind that many other consumers have brought or downloaded your product – it gives your consumer that piece of mind that others have made the same purchase, obviously, the high this number the more confidence it provides, but do NOT fake it!

Compliment this with your product reviews/feedback and testimonials and it is a very powerful way to install confidence  in your buyers mind.


Confidence is important in any sale, without it why would anyone feel confident giving their money to you? Do all you can to convey confidence and it WILL increase your sales.


I hope you have enjoyed my ecommerce crash course and that it has helped you to increase your sales, leave your success stories below or email them to me if you wish: I am always happy to help you improve your website, sales and conversions.