Google PPC tip #5 – Using Ad extensions for maximum exposure

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Hopefully by now you have downloaded my guide to getting the most out of Google PPC and started to put it into action.

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Ad extensions are a great way to enlarge your advert, giving it more space on the screen and a higher chance of being seen by others. They allow you to add extras to your advert such as your phone number, your location on a map, any products you are selling and even have a newsletter box signup form in your advert!

All that engagement just increases the risk of somebody taking at least 1 action!

Click here ( to see an example of an advert using Ad extensions.

It’s very easy for you to set up an ad extension, simply login to your adwords account and select your ad group, once you have done that you see a number of tabs such as Keywords, Settings and Ad Extensions, simply click this and you can set up a new extension.

I can’t stress how great ad extensions are – you can get people to call you, see your product or even sign up to your mailing list without actually going to your website. And the more extensions you use the more exposure you get on screen and that can’t be a bad thing.

Don’t use too many ad extensions else it could get confusing, use them to compliment your advert and if targeting a local client base use it to show local customers where you are on a map.

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