Any business can do valentines day advertising.

It doesn’t matter what industry/niche you are in, there’s money to be made from valentines day by going that extra mile and doing what your competitors aren’t doing. Read on and I will show you how to use both online and offline marketing to take advantage of this BILLION pound industry.

Valentine’s Day is big business and it’s getting bigger year on year. With Valentine ’s Day fast approaching I thought I would share with you some ideas to tie in with this very special and loving time of year.

It’s always great to market around upcoming national days such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Valentines day.

Last year brits were expected to spend almost 1 BILLION pounds on Valentine ’s Day alone, that includes cards, gifts, eating out etc. The average spend for a male was almost £40 and the average for a female was almost £25.

Great stats, can you afford to miss out on this opportunity? It does not matter what business you are in, there is something you can do to take advantage and generate sales from this holiday.


Offline marketing is great for this!

Run a restaurant? Don’t be in the restaurant business be in the LOVE business. Don’t offer generic promotions such as “2 for 1”, everyone will be playing on it – Offer something unique, sell the emotion, offer a valentines day package, it might very well be a ‘2 for 1’ offer but dress it up, offer candlelight, a loving atmosphere, privacy, a rose or bunch of roses for the ladies. What about offering a limo to pick them up from their door to your restaurant? Go that 1 step ahead, do what your competition wont do and go that extra mile. Purchase data of all the males in your area and post out a letter or postcard to them that outlines your compelling offer.

Fancy REALLY going against the grain? Run a single night, instead of appealing to the couples, appeal to the singles and try to create love!

Online marketing is just as much fun, here’s some things you can do to tie in your business, no matter what industry/niche you are in.


Create special landing pages

This will help massively with SEO. Target keywords such as “valentines gifts for him” or “last minute valentines gifts”.


Think outside the box

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, if you sell something non-valentines day related then throw in a bonus valentines day product, example “Buy your steel boulders from us today and receive a voucher for a candlelit meal for 2 and free bottle of house wine at ‘X’ restaurant’


Guaranteed delivery by 14th February

Go that extra mile with your customer service, reassure your customers that whatever they buy from you will be delivered by February 14th. Charge that little extra if you have to, people will be happy to pay for a guaranteed delivery. Remember; make it CLEAR when they need to order by in order to receive guaranteed delivery.


Run Social Media Competitions

A bit of light hearted fun for your social media followers. It could be something such as “share your…” most romantic stories… most romantic photos… most romantic social media avatar…. And offer a little prize for the best.
And don’t forget…. The single people out there! There’s lots of money to be paid by going against the grain!


Pull people to your website with blog posts targeted at singles such as “10 things for singles to do on valentines night”

Offer products/prizes/gifts that are related to the things single people would like, try to create love, treat them to chocolate, treat them to a relaxing day out, or maybe you have a product that your single customer could use to ask their date out? Send it to them for free, if it’s a success send out a press release and generate some media attention and further sales from it!

If you work with a local SEO Agency in Birmingham, then it may be worth speakign with them to tie your campaign in with SEO activities as brand searches can really help boost your SEO efforts.

It does NOT matter what industry you are in, there is a promotion you can run ahead of valentine’s day to help increase your sales.