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Website costs can range from as a little as £150 right up to the other end of the scale costing tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds… it’s like asking someone what a car will cost, it’s a very lose term so I will try to explain some average costs for you the best I can.

Remember these costs are just a VERY basic guideline and not set in stone.

As I have already said a website will cost anywhere from small pounds right up to hundreds of thousands of pounds, but that doesn’t mean your website will cost that much.

To get a better idea of your exact costs, you will first need to arrange an initial consultation with us, this will enable us to listen to your needs and give pricing to your exact needs.

I hope the following answers the questions “how much will a website cost me?”
1. Website maintenance/minor modifications carries out an hourly rate will be around £20p/h

2. If you want a website designed and nothing else, no website development, no coding and just to receive the master design files, you will typically need a main homepage design and a subpage template for the rest of your website, this typically costs from £200-£500.

3. If you want more than just a design and need it ready for the web then your website will cost you around £750, this will be your homepage and template ready to use on the web right away.

4. If you want more control and to add pages to your website and to make changes when you want, then you need something called a ‘content management system’, this enables you to manage every aspect of your website at the click of a button. For a website that you can update yourself and add pages too in your own time, this would cost around £1,500

5. If your website will be viewed by your visitors on ipads or smart phones, then you will need design for that particular mobile device, this typically costs an additional £250.

6. A website with a shopping cart, enabling you to sell your products to your customers and for them to pay online through your website is the next stage up. Depending on the size and complexity a simple shopping cart website that you can maintain yourself, add new products too and allow your clients to pay online would start at around £2,500 with much more complex shopping carts rising up the cost of your website to £10,000+, depending on the complexity required for your eCommerce website design & development.

7. If you are looking to get your website to the top of Google, then the additional and on-going costs for search engine optimisation (SEO) would be around £750 a month for 5 keywords of your choice.

With SEO, prices vary massively from as little as £100 a month all the way to the £2,000 a month mark. Be sure to speak with your chosen SEO company about costs and what you will get for your money, be sure to have a clear SEO plan in place to show the key milestones and expected projections as to when and where you should be in Google at what dates and importantly how that should translate into additional traffic and enquiries through your website.

Just like a car, you can get a very basic one for around £400 and then start to get the additional features, on average, for up to £5,000.
A typical website that contains a content management system, a shopping cart, fully optimised for tablet and mobile devices would cost you around £4,000.
There’s only one way to get an exact price to know how much a website will cost you and that is to book an initial consultation and discuss with a web design expert your exact needs.

Once your website is completed you may look at working with your website designer on a longer-term basis or a website maintenance agreement.

There are lots of different website maintenance retainers available from an ad-hoc hourly basis all the way through to a big chunky monthly retainer – Depending on your goals, it’s best to sit down with your web designer and work out what’s right for you.

To find out exactly how much your website will cost, ring us on 0121 663 0202