There are lots of ways to get visitors to stay on your website longer. From using dark patterns to just creating incredible engaging content on a topic, there are a number of things that you can do to make visitors stay on your website longer.

The infographic below highlights a few such as:

  • Readers spend 2.6 seconds scanning content
  • Visitors read in an ‘F’ shape pattern
  • Formatting content to help it stand out
  • Keeping content short and sweet

how to retain website visitors

Tie the above in with great website design and you can be sure your website will have the best opportunity to retaining and converting visitors.

The F shape pattern is very well known in web design and is a common technique web designers use, to align your comment in an F shape so that it follows the flow of natural reading patterns. Often when you run a heat map on your website you will notice an F shape pattern appear.

Formatting and breaking up your content is absolutely key. Use images, bold, italic and different font sizes to ensure that your content is easily digestible and be sure to only provide key points in short sweet sentences which make walls of text easier to read and digest.