How to use web site title tags

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How to use title tags for your local business

What are HTML title tags?
Title tags are part of every HTML document, their purpose is to show up as the headline in search engine results, they can also be seen in the blue bar at the top of your browser.
Your title tags, like alt tags, can be used to server 2 purposes

  1. For seo
  2. For your visitors

How to insert your title tags
Your title tags should appear at the top of your html document and they are simple to enter, a title tag is started by entering <title> and closed using the </title> tag. The text you place in between these two tags is what displays in the blue bar at the top of your browser.

Using your title tags for SEO
Title tags can be used to boost your SEO and they do provide a rather large boost.  The downside is that they aren’t very descriptive and don’t give much detail in search engine results.

An example of how you can use your title tags for seo:

<title>Web Design Wolverhampton | Web Design Company in Wolverhampton </title>

This will then show up in the blue bar and as the headline in search results.

How to use your title tags for your visitors
Title tags should be used to tell your visitors what your website is about, they are the first things people see in search engine results, so a bunch of keywords doesn’t really tell your visitor much and certainly doesn’t encourage them to click.

Use emotion, curiosity, expectation and statistics to make your titles click worthy, remember they are the first things seen in search results and you want people to click them, so make them powerful and irresistible to the click.

An example of a powerful title tag written for your visitors:

<title> Find out how a business website will increase your sales by 75% </title>

This lets the visitor now that they can find out more about getting a website

Finding the balance with your title tags:
Try to add in a keyword and blend it with a title tag written for your visitors,

An example:

<title> Web Design Wolverhampton: How your conversions can be increased by 63% </title>

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