According to over 1.3 billion smartphones are being used in 2014 to search the internet. Too add to these statistics over 70% of mobile phone users are actively searching for products and services within their local area and are purchasing these direct from their mobile devices.


What do these statistics mean for your business? Its simple, right? if everyone is using their IOS or android mobile devices to search the internet for a particular product or service and your current website is not optimised so that individuals, business men and women can view it on their mobiles, this means your very potential customers will not be using your services purely because they can’t find you or even if they have without mobile optimisation they will experience the following problems which will make them click off your website. These are: If your website is being viewed from an mobile device that is not optimised it will take too long to load this will cause frustration and be time consuming. For people on the go constantly in motion the speed of loading your website on an android or IOS platform is crucial. Further to this without mobile optimization of your website not only is the loading time affected but also the ability to navigate your website with ease will become a problem. Thus Individuals will have to scroll left to right just so they can read all the content of your website or be zooming in and out just so they can see your website clearly. Also your contact information will not be easily found with your telephone number being unclickable, i.e. now its common place just to thumb click a contact number of an optimised website, which means there’s no copying and pasting of numbers required. Therefore, Mobile optimization is a must in 2014 and without it everything is slowed down for your end users. If your website isn’t optimised its strongly urged by industry experts to do so as without it you seriously are missing out on customers that are searching for your products and services who are ready to buy from their mobile devices.


Other quick mentions that may help your current marketing campaign: I’m not going to go in detail here but will allow the statistics to speak for themselves. Over 90% of individuals are opening their text messages compared to only 22% whom open their emails. I would suggest starting an SMS campaign for your business to gain new customers. This blog was brought to you by Virtual Cookies Limited in conjunction with Alt Agency which is a website design company.