How to improve your website conversion rates

To improve your website conversion rates can be tricky business, there is no magic wand and no overnight fix – no matter what your local “expert” tells you.

A conversion rate in simple terms is how many people that visit your website take a desired action – whether that be a sale or signing up to a mailing list or even calling you.

By using conversion rate optimisation, which includes things such as split testing, call to action buttons and copywriting, your conversion rate can be gradually improved.

If you are interested in the psychology behind Conversion Rate Optimisation then you must read the 7 principles of Online Sales Psychology.

Conversion rates differ from site to site and industry to industry and can be affected by many variables as outlined below.

Ways to improve your website conversion rates:

Split test – One of the principles of Online Sales Psychology is to split test and test, test test! Without testing you do not know what is and isn’t working.

Many people find testing/split testing boring, but what is boring about improving your conversion rate and in turn profits?

Split testing in simple terms is the act of putting 2 versions of a page of your website, for example your join page, online with a subtle or major difference and seeing which one performs better.

For example you may wish to improve the number of people signing up to your membership website, so by running 2 versions of your sign up page you can send 50% of your traffic to one and 50% of your traffic to another, which ever one generates the most sales (as this can all be tracked) is the winner and the testing continues – you are always trying to beat your best performing page and eek that little extra out of your conversions.

Be mobile optimised – Ensure your website is optimised for mobile users, otherwise you could be cutting off the majority of your website visitors!

Mobile sales are up again during 2016 and Black Friday showed a further increase in online sales through mobile devices.

2017 is expected to see a number of new trends in web design, not least the fact that “mobile first design” will see most websites now designed for mobile first and desktop second.

By having your website optimised for mobile: scaled back content, quick loading times, bigger buttons for clunky thumbs and easy navigation than you can start to offer a better user experience and in turn help your conversions.

Target the right audience – Often over looked, but not targeting the right audience can give you poor results.

If you are buying in random pop up traffic then this traffic is generally weak and untargeted and so will show in a negative way.

By using Facebook ads and Google ads you can target a much more specific audience and get better results.

Even better than paying for traffic is to market to your existing customers and see how they interact and convert on your website.

Ensure you target the right audience as your tests can fall at the first hurdle and make it seem like your changes aren’t working when in fact it’s the audience not your website.

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