eCommerce continues to grow, there is lots we can expect from eCommerce in 2020 and beyond such as the total amount spent online increasing all the way through to how we shop online.

Some incredible stats for ecommerce, in 2018 is that Americans have spent $504 billion online in 2018 with the whole ecommerce business being worth a reported 2.8 TRILLION throughout 2018.

Pretty amazing stats which have already been challenged in 2019.

An interesting stat is that people believe America is the biggest spender online when infact it’s Asia.

What hasn’t changed though, yet, is the dominance of the desktop computer which still outsells mobile and tablet devices – Users on desktop devices still purchase more online than those on desktop devices.

eCommerce, Web Design and Accessibility

Accessibility is a great area that ecommerce design can improved upon. We are all aware of how important user experience is and what web designers preach the most – But what about catering a often neglected $200 billion market?

The infographic below shows that there are over 60 million people in North America alone with disabilities and that they control over $200 billion in spending – A well built and accessible website can help remove their barriers to shopping online.

The Most Important eCommerce Infographic of 2019

Even just a decade ago, the online world looked quite different than it does today. Sure, there was e-commerce back then. But most of our efforts were focused on learning things (who was in charge of Wikipedia anyway?) and sharing on what were then brand-new social media platforms (anyone remember MySpace?). For companies, whether or not they did some sort of an online shopping presence was really up to them.

That’s all changed, of course. Online shopping for companies is now a must-do, and there are increasing demands for convenience and service from shoppers. Amazon, just 25 years ago, focused just on books, and there was something called eBay, that was mostly about swapping things but paying for them.

Now, of course, Amazon is a behemoth, still selling books, of course, but with its own clothing line and as a shopping portal for virtually everything.

What else should you know about online shopping?

This infographic explains it.

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Online Shopping Statistics