Instagram Live, Comments, Likes & hacks

Instagram overjoyed the world this week when they launched the ability to like comments on posts!

What’s good about this is it not only gives you a way to interact and engage with your audience and past audience but Instagram is also allowing you to turn comments off  – which will allow people to feel safer and more secure online as it will stop people from being abused – and open the doors to more digital marketing possibilities.

Instagram, in it’s quest to make the community a much better place is also rolling out anonymous reporting and if content of people self-harming, for example, is reported, Instagram are looking to connect the people as soon as possible with the relevant support that they need.

Instagram live is slowly being phased in, this will allow users to begin streaming live content.

Instagram live will be different to Facebook live in the sense it will only let people see the content whilst you are streaming live, it will not be stored for repeat viewing at a later date.

By rolling out Instagram live, so that it is only viewable live, this could be a way for Instagram to push users to create more live content and also a way for consumers to be more focused and engaged in the content as they will get no second chance to re-watch it at a later date.

Instagram will be adding an “explore” section, which will allow you to search for those who are streaming right now, but once they stop streaming the content will disappear.

Instagram hacks

With these new changes, especially with the comments, there are a few little ‘hacks’ that the growth hack community are talking about such as:

Like other peoples comments on similar niche pages – they get alerted and it brings attention to yourself

Like comments from the past as it builds engagement and reminds people of you, it shows them that you care about their posts as they get alerted and is a way to start an engaging conversation.

By doing this it allows you to build a loyal tribe, that engages with content rather than you just being a source that shares content, that goes really wide but has no depth.