There are several psychological techniques one can use within their website content which will influence the end user to buy. These techniques are called the psychology of persuasion and many Successful online businesses use them. Let’s discuss three popular psychology techniques here:

1. Authority: The majority of folk will follow and listen to individuals whom have industry specific experience and are academically qualified within their fields. How have you established this online for you and your company? A suggestion would be to write about a paragraph in relation to this on the ‘about us’ section of your website, coupled with a visual illustrating your academic credentials. Just by doing this you will subconsciously build trust and credibility for your brand.

2. Reciprocity. People are conditioned to act positively if you give them something First for free. This means when you will ask customers to do something for you, they are most likely to do so if you give them something for free first. So Say if you’re a luxury furniture company, why not entice your end users online by giving them a free magazine, brochure that will entice them to buy from you. Again this should be voiced in the content of your website quite clearly with illustrations to amplify the freebies.

3 Consensus: Majority of individuals/ and companies will look to the actions of others before they make their own decisions when it comes to buying behaviour. So a suggestion here will be that in the content of your website state how a certain percentage, preferably large, where satisfied with your products and services. This will again establish trust and confidence in your brand.


Putting these three simple and short strategies into play within the content of your website will play an important part in influencing the buying behaviour of your end users. The author of this blog would like to thank the authors of the  video: The psychology of persuasion and full credit of the content of this blog goes to them. Please click on their video that discusses several more of these techniques Please don’t forget to use at least three of these within the content of your website I hope that this blog was beneficial to you.