Can your website design company provide you with something more than just a website, give you that little bit extra which will help you leverage on your web presence. Because what’s the point having a website when no one can find you? Thus, think about it. I’m looking for a bespoke luxury furniture brand for e.g., so I type that in Google.

Will I be looking on the 2 page of Google or the 3rd or fourth. The most glaring you in the face answer is, No!

Google tells us, quiet clearly that to get the most out of your website in terms of gaining even more new, physical customers is being on the first page of Google. That Counts! So choose a website design company that will not only create a well-structured, contemporary and well-designed website but also provides long term online marketing mechanism’s that not only gets your brand out there but to generate more traffic which in plain English means more customers booking your services online rather than your competitors. Thus your website designer has a moral obligation and duty of care to provide you not only with a website, but online marketing solutions that turn website traffic to strong conversion rates/customers. Thus, they should share your vision, understand your aims and objectives and not just develop your website and then leave you to fend for yourself on the World Wide Web by yourself.

How should they do this for you?

1. Competitor analysis: Thus your website design company should look at your entire business model, understand your value proposition, customer segmentation and USP, and then strategically devise a plan of action that will take you from your current financial state to your desired one from a technological platform. They should also tell you why your competitors are ranking very highly on Google and why you are not. Thus what marketing mechanisms are they currently using whether its Search engine optimisation, content management, email campaigns and other online strategies. With this knowledge the web designer can help you design a new marketing strategy that compliments your current offline ones. This kind of approach will ensure you will sustain your competitive advantage, making your brand presence powerful.

2. So your website is great and so is your position on Google what else could your resource do for you? Although your website designer is most definitely an online resource, the company could also go that extra mile and advise your marketing team of other ways to leverage that very online Presence from an offline platform. So next time you’re out there searching for a website design company make sure they are not just developing a website but are deploying mechanisms that will help you branch out and grow even further.

3. The main thing is they work for you, making your asset acquisition a success. Thus remember your website is your IP, which if created properly will mean growing your asset in value.

Hope you enjoyed this insight and feel free to leave a comment or contact us if you have any further questions.

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