How to maximise the live streaming platforms

With Twitter now also adding a live streaming service to its platform, we have rounded up a few of the big digital marketing players and put together this handy little article on how to make the most of them.

There’s a few platforms out there, but we will be focusing on how to maximise the live streaming platforms Periscope, Facebook Live & Instagram live.

Twitter is rather new and the general thoughts and feedback around it are not great, so we will leave that one out until they manage to get on top of it.

Periscope is a platform that is great for mass engagement across the whole platform and being found by a random audience.

Facebook Live is ideal to reach a targeted audience, it gives the ability to watch back and have people engage later on and results show it works well when it comes to retention.

Facebook live has some limited features that allow your videos to be discovered, but quite often you need to pay to reach a wider audience. Reports are suggesting that engagement is not as great as other platforms and that although the ability to re-watch videos is there not that many people do.

Instagram live is looking like the best platform so far (but, this could change as more audiences and people try it out), as it is great at retaining and the fact that it is live stream only and no playbacks is helping get attention.

How you use these platforms is completely down to you, but one great way is to build audiences across these platforms and then direct that audience attention through your funnel.

But always remember why you are doing this, are you looking for vanity metrics…. Are your numbers growing week after week? What’s more important is retention, are your audience coming back for more week after week. Whilst growth is important, retention is key as it is this loyal audience that you want to direct down your funnel.

What’s the best type of content to live stream?

There’s a lot of opinion of what’s the best type of content and it’s all subject, but some more the most digested content appears to be around Events, News & Gaming.